Just thought I'd introduce myself having been lurking here since discovering it a few weeks ago.
  Name is Darren and I live in Cairns far north Queensland in Australia. For those unfamiliar it is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.
  I've been collecting mainly Taylors for near on 25 odd years with around 40 or so prints.
  I have a few Trudgians and one or two Phil Wests and a Shaw or two.
  Having spent 14000 hours ploughing holes in the sky Taylor to me captures the real colors of the skies which are so different from the colors on the ground.
  Find it funny how guys talk about the ever present pinks in Taylor's which are so reflective of real life flight at altitude.
  Anyway g'day from Cairns!
31/08/2012 02:49:27
Hi Darren and welcome to eHangar!
  Glad you found us and congrats on your maiden post.
  I too have on occasion seen very vibrant colours in the sky and clouds when I fly as a passenger in jetliners, and think that Taylor can't be too far off.
  Enjoy the site and community and I look forward to your input and participation here.
31/08/2012 05:24:58
Hi Darren
  Welcome to ehangar...........enjoy smile
31/08/2012 10:48:37
YAY...another Aussie. There are a few of us here. Please comment often and get others to join in. We need more southern hemisphere representation.
31/08/2012 19:17:26
Hi Darren,
  Good to see another Aussie on Ehangar, welcome aboard.
01/09/2012 04:36:35
Thankyou guys I'll try to get a few others on who I know around the traps.
  Forums look very helpful and looking forward to finally finding a place to discuss great paintings!
01/09/2012 12:41:23
Hi Darren,
  Welcome aboard!
  Some explanation about the pink in RT1's prints may be in order. I don't think anyone is of the opinion that the color pink is not common in the sky at certain times. The issue is whether Robert added the pink or his publisher!
  One of eHangar's moderators - Blacksheep - paid a visit to Eugene Eisenberg and photographed dozens of Taylor's original paintings. Based on photos of the originals compared to photos of the prints, it's pretty clear that quite a few of the prints have had their colors "enhanced". The "enhancement" color of choice seems to be pink!
  That thread's worth a read if you have never seen it:
19/09/2012 04:05:35
Interesting link you have there Fuzzy
  I think there enhance the ***Blue*** in certain prints as well, take a look at
  Channel Dash
  Operation Chastise
  Mission Beyond Darkness
19/09/2012 10:53:57
Hi Fuzzy,
  Thanks for the link!
  Having been browsing for a couple of months I found some interesting posts!
  Agree the warping of the colors in the prints away from RT's actual work is to me a travesty against the suppliers.
  Was amazed how different the Tokyo raiders colors where.
  Thanks for the links!
06/10/2012 05:17:08