WIP...Vickers Wellesley's

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This time I have been reading laugh
  Done lots of internet searching especially to find pics of the area & of the dear old Wellesley
  The Wellesley is a bit like Marmite...you either Love it (or) Hate it
  Wellesley's picture  wise are scarce but with mixing pictures around you can put something together
  As for pics of the area...Hard to find....yep, for the colours of the background I found a pic almost identical
  to the one I used...Taken from the front seat of a RAF Buccaneer doing such a hard turn He was inverted
  doing 600 MPH flying through a mountain range pulling hard turns & taking snaps at the same time coolcoolcool
  Any how...the brief
  The Battle of Keren (Cheren) was fought as part of the East African Campain during World War 2 The Battle of Keren was fought from 5 February to 1 April 1941 between the colonial Italian army defending its colonial possession of Eritrea and the invading British and Commonwealth forces. In 1941, Keren was a town located in the Italian Colony of Eritria. Keren was of strategic importance to both the Italian and the British forces. The road and railway routes through Keren were the key to access the city of Asmara (colonial capital of Eritrea) and the Red Sea port of Massawa
  The start......The Wellesley's will be from 14 squadron
  I am going to enjoy this one, nice colours a nice background and a plane full of character.....size is 30x20 inches
  Just getting the feel of how to approach the painting of the Mountains...nice and soft in the distance with just enough colour variation from sky to land so the distant Mountains look (distant)
  Getting bolder with both the colour and the paint as we get closer....gonna be a painting with Texture, usually I try to make the paintings as smooth as possible by going over with a Fan brush to even the surface out, with this one I am going to let the paint stay the way it hits the canvas...though looking at it the mountains on the left will need to be (blued out) they are a little too bold embarassed
  The picture of the mountain range
14/08/2012 17:18:04
Nice start Gollum, I remember building a Matchbox kit of the Wellesley as a kid, very distinctive aeroplane! look forward to your progess on this one.
14/08/2012 19:26:56
Gollum really looking forward to see the stages and finished painting on this. looks like its going to be another good one.
17/08/2012 11:09:12
You might change your minds when you see this !
  Looks a mess because it has basically been blocked in.
  There is just to much mountain to try to paint it finnished in one go, being as there are defined shapes like fields & trees roads etc it would be easy to get lost, so forget trying to be clever & do it the long but easy way, get the shapes in  roughly where they are supposed to be
  Next when this is dry I will
  1) lower the sky by about half an inch (the distant mountains are to high)
  2) get everything the same colour. there are three lots of colour in the moutan range (it just happened) ,Then when that is done I can start to define the  mountains & put detail into them, not worried about the planes (thats the easy bit)
  The background though barren has to look interesting enough to take your eyes around the painting even though there is nothing but sand and rock, though I am toying with the idea of putting a convoy of vehicles in somewhere, a few Tanks and Trucks on thier way to another bit of sand & rock laugh
  It is taking shape in an unusual way smile
17/08/2012 17:50:42
I think it's shaping up well Gollum, sometimes less is more, and when you get the values and shadows/highlights correct, you can say a lot. I think if an image is too photographic there can be an element of stiffness to it.   I like the painterly, almost classical feel you have going.smile
17/08/2012 18:31:16
I was looking at it after what you said........Taint so bad after all smile
  Can you see a Dead Indian Elephant led down being covered in sand ?
  Look at the main mountain......
  Head Eye and trunk (top bit)
  Two legs (the left blurry bit)
  To the right of the legs the Rib Cage...........Thats so cool laugh  I am so damned good I astound myself artist
17/08/2012 18:47:18
Looking forward to see how this one turns out Gollum, looking really good already.
  Interesting choice of aircraft and landscape for the painting.
18/08/2012 06:34:19
Thanks Kevjon
  At the moment this one is at the..Oh my Gawd stage..but i  know what I want it to look like
  The next stage will  start to get the background looking right..once that happens it will start to come together
  I will be back to this one once this bit has dried   
18/08/2012 10:01:59
I have decided to leave the background alone for the moment...Reason...at the moment we have wierd weather, one day it's bright & sunny next it's Hammering down & dark, so the lighting is constantly changing
  So leave that & get some planes done, all the lighting/merging of colours can be done when I know we will have a few days with stable light
  First plane 70% done, loads of little bits still to do and the underside has to be (Blackened) but at the moment I cannot decide what Tint to give it (Blue) or (Sand).....the far Bombay rear strut looks to big...it is actually overlaped by part of the radiator underneath the cockpit, but not defined yet....it's on the things to do list
21/08/2012 12:32:59
Its a nice start, indeed the black looks tricky to paint.
  My theory on the reflecting the environment into the underside color is if they are close to the ground use the ground color otherwise use the clouds or sky color, so in this case I would go with the sky blue.
22/08/2012 10:33:31
Hi Kevjon
  Matt Black undersides are a problem, as you say  they take on a tinge of the surrounding colours instead of reflecting them
  The planes on this one are low enough to take up the desert colours, but the desert will (eventually) take up the sky colour in places, so i think a (Blueing out) over all will be the final result, this will also give the impression of Desert Heat
  For now it's just plod on with the aircraft & then sort the overall colour of the painting after the landscape has been finished
  Luckily nowadays you can play around with it on the computer before doing anything drastic
  I hate the Brown & Green the RAF used.......what a Murky colour scheme (Yuck) ...it looks horrible... so that is going to reflect the sky
22/08/2012 11:22:19
Two pics below, the top one is how it is right now, the Aircraft don't look as though they belong to the scene, bottom one is increasing the Blue on the computer on the Aircraft only
  Quite a difference, the bottom one the Aircraft start to look as though  they belong to the scene
22/08/2012 11:54:45

Gollum said
  I hate the Brown & Green the RAF used.......what a Murky colour scheme (Yuck) ...it looks horrible... so that is going to reflect the sky

  Yeh the desert color schemes are much nicer.
23/08/2012 08:17:45
Well thats the canvas covered, now the messing around begins, I hate it when this happens, usually I do portraits of A/C
  they are easy...the sky goes on then the plane (Job Done)
  With a painting like this it means (Work) thats a DIRTY word yell
  Any how the A/C are about 70% done, the background about 50%...thats a lot of work to do, I don't know how some of you work on a painting months...any longer than 2 weeks & I want to stick it on the fire
25/08/2012 13:21:45
smile  I go on holiday and you come up with this   :) well done
25/08/2012 15:57:44
Thats the top two done......I think
  Will get the main A/C done hopefully today, then I will be able to see what needs doing colour wise / blueing out of the two small planes to set the distance and the same with the far background / boosting the colour of the forground & bits of detail where needed on the mountain range & desert flats
28/08/2012 13:33:55
Have spent a few hours on the main plane today, just high lighting panels doing the cockpit glass etc & just generally finishing it off, all that is left is the prop, it is suprising how different it looks now that all the lumps and bumps & markings are in place.
  It's a bit like when you build a model, it never looks good untill the Decals go on smile
  My pictures always look Squished up on my screen, the top one here looks ok, but the bottom one looks SHORT & FAT
  what does it look like to you ?????
31/08/2012 22:42:20
smile  Very nice,you are correct it's the little things that pull it all together.Both pictures look the same size but the bottom one seems lighter :)
02/09/2012 18:18:10
  I am a bit late on this one, but I think you could really make this one 'sing' if you added a few highlights, given the harsh desert sun. Also, under that light the shadows are likely to be pretty hard-edged. Perhaps darken the underwing containers (I don't think they were tanks, from memory) and add a sharp shadow line.
03/09/2012 09:33:17
Hi Steve
  Yep I know the shadows need sharpening up, i will do that with a Glaze insead of painting it, Glaze can be wiped off in an instant if it doesn't look right, where as if it was painted it would be harder to sort out any wierd look
  It also needs some Blue high lighting on the A/C (but not shiny)
  The last two pics are the only one's to come out (the Right colour) all the other ones in this WIP look washed out & don't show the true look......when it's finished i shall (hopefully) get some that look right
  The containers on the wings are in fact the Bombays (Streamlined) they are about the only bit of the Wellesley that was streamlined laugh
  Cutting bits out of the Geodesic structure that Barnes Wallace came up with was very strong untill holes for cockpits etc were cut out, thats why the bomb bays were not inside the wing (there was enough room)
03/09/2012 09:49:44