Bad Shipping - A Tale Of Woe

Collecting Aviation Art
Rule number one of shipping art prints - never use one of those triangle tubes!






   Notice the raised cardboard edges inside both ends of the tube? What do you think happens when the roll of prints keeps bumping up against those edges? Right, it gets damage on both the top and bottom edges of the print.








   Not a great pic, but you can see a bit of one of the edge dings that goes all along the top and bottom edge of the print.




   Rule number two of shipping art prints - don't roll them too tight!


   You're looking at three RT1 prints squeezed into about a 2 inch diameter roll. When you apply that much pressure to make such a tight roll, it's inevitable you're going to crease the prints. Frankly, I think just being in that tight of a roll - especially when you're talking about three prints on very thick art paper - will result in creasing. All three prints had slight creasing.


   Personally, I think a 4 inch diameter tube is the right size for an RT1 print. If you know what you're doing and are careful, you should be able to put one print into a 3 inch diameter tube without issues.


   Notice I said "tube" and not "triangle"!


   These were auction wins and came all the way from Japan. It's a shame, because 3 prints that were likely in excellent condition were damaged by someone trying to save a few yen on shipping. They'll be going back.


   High-quality inexpensive shipping is always appreciated. Cheap shipping is not. Cheap shipping is no bargain.


   I'm sure most of you have been through this before.
05/07/2012 06:02:34
Wow, that's a shame fuzzy. You're right, scrimping on the shipping can cost big-time in the end. You're doing the right thing returning the prints to the seller.
05/07/2012 07:04:22


   I had a similar experience with one of those triangular tubes. The print came out of the tube shaped like a triangle! I dont know why people use those. Always a huge disappointment to have an experience like that. Kurt, I PM'D you.
05/07/2012 13:10:41
For those who haven't heard of them, Yazoo Mills ( sells a wide range of sturdy shipping tubes.   I've been using their 4" and 5" for eons.   Decent price and high quality.
 Their 3" version is perfect for shipping giclees, and I've even used their tubes to ship a few rolled original oils internationally.   With Yazoo Mills, the worry isn't quality, it's will the various postal agencies manage to lose the tube or not!   CoolLaughLaugh
31/07/2012 17:36:23
Yazoo Mills also makes custom order tubes. As many of you know, I use 4" tubes with 1/4" walls that are virtually indestructible. I can literally stand on my tubes and they won't collapse. One customer dubbed them to be "bomb proof".
01/08/2012 11:33:57
yes, has happened to me before, sent BY THE AVIATION ARTIST I ordered a print from - amazing!  
02/08/2012 20:30:19

There is another type of hybrid tube. It's a triangle on the outside, but it's circular in the middle tri hex tubes, but the point is that your prints won't get creases like with regular triangle boxes. It's nice because when you order them, they come in a stack, so they don't take up space like shipping tubes. I get them from erdie, but maybe others make them.

09/08/2022 15:14:34