Another landscape - Prairie Waters

Non-Aviation Art Showcase
Another landscape. I actually finished this one two years ago but have only now gotten around to scanning it.


   "Prairie Waters" depicts the Moreau River as it carves a winding path through the South Dakota prairie. Because of the openness of the landscape, a little water can cause a lot of erosion on the prairie, exposing layers of sediment that have laid hidden for millions of years and making this area a palaentologist's heaven. During one of my last trips to the reservation the area was experincing a severe drought. The river was almost dry so I took the opportuny to walk down the river bed and check the cliffs for dinosaur fossils. Not being a palaentologist, however, I didn't know what to look for and thus came up empty handed.


17/05/2012 08:19:39
Sensational! I can see a feature in South West Art coming up...




17/05/2012 10:56:32
Fabulous work Russ!
17/05/2012 12:25:37
Beautiful painting Russ!! Nice to see works from "the other side" ... 8-)

   Now, if we could get you to give watercolors a try ... 8O
17/05/2012 13:58:27
Holy dooly fella. You could probably start making a living at this I reckon.
17/05/2012 20:43:39
Very, very nice; and I really do believe that ventures off piste such as this make you a stronger artist. It is shouting cowboys and indians at me; how are you with horses?
19/05/2012 05:53:45
Fault less 8-) 8-) 8-)
21/05/2012 12:10:54
A real delight. That muddy river looks like it could be right out of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. :)
21/05/2012 16:04:00
Really nice work Russ!! Liking the brush work confidence, lighting, and subject in this landscape. Like we talked about, the more diversity the better the artist! :)


   Not to mention doing these helps with our avart subjects. Where is the plane in this one BTW??


21/05/2012 20:16:49
There ain't even a contrail in that picture 8O


   Sure is a lovely piece though.



21/05/2012 21:59:39
You've captured a scene that I see all of the time here- Defiantly South Dakota!


   I really like the composition as the viewer feels like they're part of the landscape


22/05/2012 04:31:57
that is really lovely, reminds me of wild west art, can you paint some cowmboys next time :wink:
24/05/2012 13:28:03
Hi guys. Thanks so much. After so many years of creating aviation compositions from beginning to end, painting things that actually exist seems like a breeze!
24/05/2012 18:20:06