Hobby Shop Sign

Non-Aviation Art Showcase
Trying my hand at photo realism- Who's Hobby Shop was founded in 1950 by William H Ostenburg and his initials are where the hobby shop retained its name. The sign was created in 1951 and is now in the National Registry of Historic Signs.

   I've had this idea for a painting for a long time, so last weekend I finally acted on it


   12X16" Acrylic on canvas




24/04/2012 13:55:51
Just had an aircraft contrail high up & Viola..aviation art!

   Seriously Mig17 beautifully crafted work! 8-)
26/04/2012 15:02:02
:) That is brilliantly realistic :)
26/04/2012 16:19:47
Wow! I kept looking to see where it might betray that it was a painting and I couldn't! I really thought i was looking at a photograph. Well done! 8-)
02/05/2012 16:58:41
Superb! I love the subject. What a great name.
03/05/2012 00:51:22