Favorite B-17 prints

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Wasn't sure if this forum had been discussed before so I apologize if it has, but I would like to see some favorite B-7 prints.

   Let's see 'em..........
28/09/2011 01:04:46
"Thundering Home" by Nicolas Trudgian


28/09/2011 01:45:28
I have quite a few I count as favourites; here are some of them:



   Last Flight for Nine-0-Nine by Randy Green



   Milk Run by Nixon Galloway



   Return Of The Belle by Robert Taylor



   Very Important Painting by John Young


   Robert Bailey had quite a few nice B-17 prints, but I hesitate to show any of them as I am unsure of their original inspirations or sources :wink:


   By the way, eHangar.com has currently 155 images of B-17s in the Aviation Art Directory. Please feel free to add more, everyone! :)
28/09/2011 03:07:31
I once owned 'Very Important Painting' by John Young. I was doing an interview with a B-17 crewman and I had brought the print to have him sign it. While doing the interview I asked him if he had a print like that one and he said no, and I ended up giving him the print knowing that I could someday replace it. Someday has not yet arrived. :(

   'Milk Run' by N. Galloway is a great image I looked for for quite a while but never found it in a print format. I believe he created it for a book cover, but I am not sure.
28/09/2011 03:18:24
My FAVORITE B-17 print is John Wallin's "Bust-17"




28/09/2011 04:22:22
return of the belle has always been a favourite of mine - the cloud scape and fields painted particuary well make it attractive to me - I remember paying a small premium for the print when it came out to make sure I got my hands on it because it sold so well from my local gallery...
28/09/2011 19:45:10
"Schweinfurt - The Second Mission" by Robert Taylor.


   A great sense of height and movement in this picture


29/09/2011 07:24:37
I agree.Robert taylors 2nd schweinfurt mission is his BEST B17 print.Truly represtents high altitute combat above the clouds.



   My favourite B17 print is john Shaws A HIGHER CALL
29/09/2011 12:46:17
Great thread!


   The B-17 is a beautiful aircraft. Well-proportioned and streamlined. My favorite part of the airframe is how the cockpit is faired onto the fuselage. In addition to good engineering, the B-17 designers put some artistry into that aircraft as well.


   In terms of courage, I don??   t think there??   s an aircraft that can top it with respect to the quality and quantity of desperate stories.


   Fortunately, we??   ve been blessed by many aviation artists with a stunning array of fantastic images. There are just so many great ones to choose from.


   Any time the B-17 is mentioned, Gil Cohen jumps to the top of my list:



   Gil Cohen ???Coming Home, England 1943???






   Gil Cohen ???Rosie??   s Crew???






   We??   ve just seen two great ground scenes, and here??   s another one:



   John Young ???Very Important Painting???





   I give Robert Taylor a great deal of credit when it comes to the B-17. He??   s painted the aircraft many times, and all of his efforts are well-done ??    even the ones that are not so popular. I too think one of his most recent images is his best B-17. The lead B-17 looks majestic and powerful:



   Robert Taylor ???Schweinfurt ??    The Second Mission???






   At first, I wasn??   t a big fan of the next print. I formed my impression based on the book image, which is not a good reproduction. After seeing the print in person recently, it has shot way up on my B-17 list. The colors are much more interesting and pleasing than those in the book. If you get a chance to see it the print person, take a good look. The giclee is also excellent, but this is one of those instances where I was able to compare them side-by-side, and had a very slight preference for the print:



   Robert Taylor ???Return of the Belle???
















   The story depicted in the next print is a great one. The details in this particular image really bring home the sacrifices of all those B-17 crews:



   John Shaw ???A Higher Call???
















   Here??   s another image I did not like at first. Again, my opinion was based on the image in Taylor??   s book. The reproduction is terrible and the clouds appear completely yellow. I recently saw the print in person, and it totally changed my opinion. The print has a variety of interesting colors in the clouds. It??   s really pleasing in person - one of my favorite Taylor skies - and has jumped on to my list of favorite B-17 prints. I would never have said that before seeing one in person. These photos give a little better idea, but you really need to see it in person:



   Robert Taylor ???Helping Hand???






















   Another good ground scene:



   Robert Taylor ???Company of Heroes???








   A fine skyscape, depicting an historic mission, and signed by Lt. Gen. Ira Eaker:



   John Young ???Boeing B-17 Fortress???








   I guess this is principally an Me-262 print, but I have always loved the B-17 in it. A stirring combat-action scene:



   Robert Taylor ???Combat Over The Reich???










   Another combat-action scene depicting a significant event. Pilot Jay Zeamer??   s B-17 is shown on the mission where he won the Medal of Honor. Signed by Zeamer and Red Erwin (B-29 MoH winner):



   Robert Taylor ???Fortress Under Attack???










   I love Wootton??   s style, and I really like the motion he has injected into this B-17:



   Frank Wootton ???Daylight Raid Over Germany??? Limited Edition Print








   This poster is closely related to the print above. The compositions are almost identical. On occasion, Frank Wootton would re-work one of his previous paintings (in this case with vastly different colors) to create a new painting. He??   s the only one I can think of who took this approach. Interesting. Not sure which painting came first:



   Frank Wootton ???Daylight Raid Over Germany??? Poster








   This one has really grown on me over the years:



   Keith Ferris ???Schweinfurt Again???





   Another fine ground scene. This one depicts Colin Kelly about to get airborne:



   Gil Cohen ???In Alis Vincimus???












   Here??   s the Robert Taylor honorable mention section. Several more of his B-17 prints that are pretty darn good:



   Robert Taylor ???Return From Schweinfurt???





   Robert Taylor ???Mission Completed???





   Robert Taylor ???Mighty Eighth Coming Home???







   Robert Taylor ???Skipper Comes Home???





   Robert Taylor ???Out of Fuel and Safely Home???





   Robert Taylor ???Bringing the Peacemaker Home???





   Robert Taylor ???Little Friends???





   Robert Taylor ???Memphis Belle???





   The bar has been set very high on B-17 prints!
04/10/2011 00:22:14
"Mission Regensberg" by Gil Cohen.


   To quote from Gil Cohen's excellent book; "I chose to put the viewer inside the nose compartment of 'Just-A-Snappin', the lead bomber of the 100th Bomb Group on the August 17, 1943 Regensberg Mission, showing bombardier Lt. Jim Douglass and, directly in front of the viewer, navigator Lt. Harry Crosby. In effect, this was an effort to make the viewers feel as if they are part of the scene rather than merely viewing the painting from a distance."


   I got to know this image well while I was making a jigsaw puzzle of this picture. So much intricate detail, and a real sense of drama. There are few artists who can better Gil Cohen when it comes to depicting lifelike human figures.


04/10/2011 07:09:32
lets not forget keith ferris and "little willie coming home".....a b-17 classic



04/10/2011 17:10:33
Great images and mentions. Fuzzy, those close-ups on the prints look terrific. For those of us who haven't seen many of those prints up close that really gives a great view of the details on each print.
04/10/2011 17:26:35
Could I remind members of our very own Steve Heyen's marvellous "The Nine-O-Nine."



04/10/2011 21:23:04
Added a decent picture of "Rosie's Crew":



20/10/2011 01:24:46

14/12/2011 17:47:25
:) A nice one i own
14/12/2011 18:03:48
Would love to see the original of ???A Higher Call??? John Shaw


   The detail is awesome.


23/05/2012 13:53:44
Would love to see the original of ???A Higher Call??? John Shaw


   The detail is awesome.

   Here's a photo of him working on it.

24/05/2012 00:57:12
Thats amazing.......the 3D effect even at that stage of the painting has a Wow factor of plus 10


   That Me 109 is just screaming past the B17 8-)



24/05/2012 01:15:51
:) That is one huge painting,wonderful stuff.Thanks for posting this :)
24/05/2012 08:50:15