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I found a stash of Jack Fellows original painting images. I believe these were all done for stamps.


   Guss may be able to expand on this, as I think he owns a few of these.


   There are some cool paintings here. I found about 70 of them. Here they are, in no particular order:




















04/09/2011 17:49:28


















04/09/2011 18:37:30


















04/09/2011 20:50:59
Superb posts Fuzzy - what a great artist- lovely to see.
04/09/2011 22:46:03
Thanks Neil, here are some more:




















05/09/2011 14:34:50






















06/09/2011 00:23:28
Jack Fellows is one of my favorite of the big name aviation artists because of his bold use of color, dynamic compositions and lighting and also because of his concentration on the Pacific theatre as a subject. One can learn a lot from him just by observing his work closely. 8-)
06/09/2011 13:38:55
Here's the remaining stamp paintings. Since they were done to be reproduced as stamps, the paintings themselves are small at 12 X 16. It's amazing what Jack Fellows can pack into 12 X 16!































09/09/2011 17:39:42
"Lost" by Jack FellowsPhotobucketPhotobucket
07/10/2011 17:43:56
JG 52 - Kampagne im Osten by Jack Fellows
  The first time I saw this I thought I was looking at a picture made from an old Kodachrome slide. I can do without the rising smoke but overall really like this  p?i?c?t?u?r?e? print.
16/04/2015 12:06:50