Peintres de l'Air exhibition 2011 Gallery
"Les peintres de l'air" is a very small and very closed association of French painters. they hold their annual exhibition during the Paris Air Show at le Bourget.


   Here's some pics, some of poor quality, but the yellow bulbs and poor setup was not helping...




   Pilot, Unknow Artist - Oil on canvas




   "premier Rafale ?   Douchanb?  " - Yannick BATOGE, 60*80 cm



   " Salle Jupiter" - Christoff DEBUSSCHERE - oil on canvas 116*89cm




   " Alouette Chlio" - Francis DARTOIS - Gouache




   "Sous le Ciel de Paris" - Francis DARTOIS Gouache 50*60



   "Lat?   300" - Gerard WEYGAND- oil on canvas 81*130 cm



   "Ouragan" - Gerard WEYGAND- oil on canvas 40*80cm

25/06/2011 10:38:16
"l'Airbus" Thierry DE GOROSTARZU oil on Canvas 120*120cm



   "visite Au Bourget" Thierry DE GOROSTARZU oil on Canvas 114*146cm



   "d?  tail" Unknow Artist - Oil on canvas



   "Anabiose Transtemporelle" Max HERVE - Acrylics 146*114cm



   "base A?  rienne 123 - Orleans" Jacques ROHAUT 60*20cm



   "transall C160 ville de Kolwesy" Jame's PRUNIER - oil on canvas 50*65cm



   "Sous le ciel de Provence, la BA701" Jean-Claude MARCHAL oil on canvas 81*116cm



   "D?  part en mission Mirage 2000 RDI" Jean CLERMONT Gouache 50*70cm

25/06/2011 10:38:48
"Morane 406" Jean NOEL - Watercolor 50*60cm




   "Tunderstreak" Jean NOEL - Watercolor 50*60cm




   "feu dans le ciel de Cor?  e" Jean-jacques PETIT 30*40cm




   "feu dans le ciel, le Vietnam" Jean-jacques PETIT 32*50cm




   "Songe, Mensonge, mon songe" Jean Pierre ALAUX huile sur toile, 53*58cm




   "Mirage IIID, Vertical Haut Koenigsbourg" Jean Pierre MICHEL, watercolor, 60*80cm




   "Quand les Cigognes invitent le cheval cabr?  ' Jean Pierre MICHEL, watercolor, 60*80cm




   "A?  roport la nuit" Lucio PERINOTTO oil on canvas 97*130cm




   "Super Contellation" Lucio PERINOTTO oil on canvas



   "Histoire d'une Base" Jean Claude MARCHAL, oil on canvas 89*116cm

25/06/2011 10:39:18
"Les plumes d'hercule" Pierre Andre COUSIN, digital Art 100*30cm




   "la mouche" (diptyque) Pierre Andre COUSIN, digital Art 2*60*60cm




   "DC3F" Pierre LEBRUN Acrylics 100*100cm




   "Jaguar Sable" Serge JAMOIS, oil on canvas, 81*116cm




   "Rafale" Serge JAMOIS, oil on canvas 81*116cm




   "Istres - ravitailleurs en entretien" St?  phane RUAIS Oil on canvas 73*92cm




   "Istres- Mirage 2000N" t?  phane RUAIS Oil on canvas 65*92cm

25/06/2011 10:39:40
A delightfull display of artwork quite different to the photo realistic compositions that are the usual. It is a shame that such an exhibition could not be a permanent feature of the Le Bourget Air Museum in order that many could view such works in their own time.
25/06/2011 10:54:02
Somehow I missed this thread Vincent - a really good browse - lots of excellent works here.
23/08/2011 09:28:32
Some very interesting work there, good variety of styles, thanks for sharing that Vincent!
23/08/2011 14:20:01
There are some really well done paintings here. I am enjoying the different styles. Thanks for posting these.


   It did make me chuckle to see that the only two US marked aircraft in the exhibition are going down in flames under the guns of godless communists. Ahhh, France. :lol:


   Maybe next year Jean-jacques could balance things out with some depictions of US aircraft freeing his homeland from nazi oppression? :P


   Vive le fuzzy!
23/08/2011 14:45:45
some great stuff here - thanks for posting
23/08/2011 17:12:15
:) some cracking stuff there,lovely ,Thanks for posting
24/08/2011 08:54:57