Craig Kodera - Some Favorites Gallery
Here are a couple of new originals by Craig Kodera. They are for sale, and I don't see his originals available very often. Thought people might be interested. PM me if you would like to contact Craig directly.



   Craig Kodera "Into the Slot" (Oil - 12 X 16)









   Craig Kodera "Man, Machine and Sky" (Oil - 12 X 24)









   Beautiful, aren't they?


   I'll add some prints and other things later. Just wanted to get these originals up now.


05/04/2011 16:24:24
OH GOD NO, not a Kodera thread, he is one of my all time favorites and I don't want to be tempted. :)


   Man, Machine, Sky - if I had the $, I would email him right now!
05/04/2011 16:28:28
IMHO, hands down one of the most talented artists in our genre. Always been one of my favorites. His style is deceptive in that it appears "effortless", but most of us know better. :wink:


   I'm looking forward to again seeing a few of his originals in Pensacola in a month.


05/04/2011 22:38:39
Craig said that both of these pieces are going to be hanging in the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola until the first of September. I'm not sure if they are going to be associated with the ASAA's show there or not. After that, "Into the Slot" will become part of the Blacksheep's Stable.


   Craig worked with Bruce Gamble on this piece, in support of an upcoming book by Bruce on VMF-214. It depicts that squadron (they were known as the Swashbucklers then) intercepting Japanese dive-bombers north of Cape Esperance on April 7, 1943.


   Craig and Jack Fellows have a common trademark, and that is their absolute fearless use of color. Interestingly, Craig owns a Fellows original. Birds of a feather!
07/04/2011 05:31:40
Way to go Roger! That painting's a real beauty.


   I really like how he used the dark highlight at the top of the fuselage to make the Wildcat stand out from the background.


   The Wildcat is superb, but if you ask me, it's the surroundings that really make this painting shine.


07/04/2011 11:11:44