Taylor print 'Memphis Bell' signed by Robert Morgan.

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Robert Taylor's 'Memphis Bell' 1st Edition print signed by Captain Robert Morgan (deceased)



   Unframed and still in round cardboard carton.


   I am in the UK.


   Offers to postmaster@thetrician.plus.com


18/01/2011 00:15:31
Has this been in the tube for long?
19/01/2011 06:50:18
It has been out of the tube for about 2 months now. Prior to this it was kept in the tube to protect it.

   My guess is that it has been stored in the tube for a number of years, and only removed for inspections a couple of times a year since I bought it.


19/01/2011 10:50:16
Thanks for your quick reply.
19/01/2011 11:23:44
No problem.


   I could try to take some photos by taking the print outside using natural daylight but am concerned that the print might be damaged in the process.


   It isn't sunny and warm right now!








   Artificial lighting doesn't seem to do prints justice, especially when re-displayed on a computer screen.
19/01/2011 13:22:59

   Just to let you know that the print has now been offered on the UK ebay auction site and is not available here.


23/01/2011 23:18:06