Cheapest Ever on anything in my collection. (SoCal)

Buy & Sell (Temporary Classifieds)
Hey Guys,

   As you all know I have a substantial collection of framed and unframed pieces. Many remarques, double and even quadrouple remarques.

   I can ship obviously unframed pieces can ship right away. Large framed pieces are expensive to ship CONUS, on these you will have to pay for shipping upfront. I use UPS for the large framed stuff, the store I use does an AMAZING job protecting them for cross country journeys.


   Example I can let go of Abbeville Boys matted and framed (free local pickup always) for say $800 which is the cost of just the print. My framing on this piece ran about $900 and its gorgeous.


   I also have some original drawings and a few small original oils and one large original oil (at ACES HIGH in the UK on display for shows- Its Robert Watts called "The Silver Warriors Group" showing P-47s. Its 36X24 with a new $400 frame on it make an lowball offer and I will work with you.


   Also I have some signed Hoffman Cards (double-signed Werner Molders and Adolf Galland), Otto Kittel-signature only with receipt from Virginia Bader and Stefan Korlin. Signed Ross Vertag card Ernst Udet.


   Here is most of the list.


   I am in SoCal my whole collection in Claremont CA (off the 10 or 210 freeway) 20 miles west of Pasadena.


   Even more discounts for multi piece purchases.


   CASH/Paypal will trade multiple pieces for a nice mechanical wristwatvh


   Anyhow here is the list fairly complete.


   As the last dangle I do have that Double-Signed SANKE WWI card

   Max Immelmann and Oswald Boelke. I actually put this in the safety deposit box to not sell it. If you make a fair offer on this one I would part with it.



   Patrick Roberts

   949-205-3858 (cell, text, prefer no messages as I am having issues retrieving them from my cell phone carrier)


   here ya go..........................


   Original oils


   Robert Watts- The Silver Warrior Group 36X24 with a new $400 framed

   Russell Smith- King of the Camel Aces Framed

   Ed Doyle-Hurricane Scramble Framed

   Steve Heyen-Black 10 (amazing Bf-109G oil) Framed

   Robin Smith FW190A-8 Taxing on wood frame not framed around the edges





   James Dietz-Last Word Great Piece 720/1000 SOLD OUT

   Russell Smith-Hostile Sky Giclee double remarque

   Richard Taylor-Coastal Patrol 120/400, 3 sigs

   Michael Howard-JG52 68/250 1 sig (RALL)

   Robert Taylor-Knights Move 6 sigs10/400

   Michael Howard-JV44 14/450, 2 sigs double remarque

   Richard Taylor-Hold The Line Remarque 5 sigs including Mantueffel and

   Preiss (both matted) #4/25

   Robert Taylor-Swansong 2 sigs, 278/1250

   Robert Taylor-Those Valiant Few, 50 sigs, #142/165

   James Dietz-High Summer PP 60/100

   Nick Trudgian-Richtoven's Flying Circus 222/600

   Robert Taylor-Abbeville Boys, 2 sigs, 168/1250

   Russell Smith-Quadrouple Remarque Last Dance of the Hussar AP 26/56

   Michael Howard-Panzer Drive Double Remarque Special Presentation Print

   (one of a kind) amazing piece

   Russell Smith-The Golden Triumvirate giclee double remarque 17/250

   Robert Taylor-Savage Skies, 3 sigs 101/400

   Robert Taylor-No Turning Back 78/200, 12 signatures

   Hienz Krebs-Narrow Escape, 77/350 5 sigs

   RG Smith-Channel Dash AP Galland Signature

   Robert Bailey-Escort Fury, PP 10/100, 3 sigs

   Robert Taylor-Schweinfurt the Second Raid, 11 sigs, 110/325

   Robert Taylor-Greycap Leader 284/850 33 sigs

   Robert Taylor-Special Duties, #589/750, six sigs

   Robert Taylor-Peacful Anchorage 340/500

   Robert Taylor Scharnhorst at Anchor #340/500 matching numbers

   MichaelHoward-Counting them Home #575/1000. 1 sig

   Gerald Coulson-Hartman #41/100 (Hartmann sig)

   Nick Trudgian-Dragons of Columbert, 3 sigs printed remarque

   Nick Trudgian-Storm Clouds Gather 263/400, 2 sigs

   Richard Taylor-Typhoon Scramble, 3 sigs

   50th Anniv Spruce Goose Print Sined by entire crew minus Howard Hughes,

   10 sigs




   Anthony Saunders-En Route and Dambusters matching numbers both #2/19

   both REmarqued

   Mark Posthlewaithe-Bismarck into battle AP #6, 7 sigs

   Wade Meyers-Eagles of Thunder quadrouple remarque 32/50

   Wade Meyers-One man Man Air Force quadrouple remarque 41/50

   Wade Meyers-Chico the Gunfighter, 65/120 AP 1 sig double remarque

   Michael Wooton-April Morning 1918 #822/855, 4 sigs

   Nick Trudgian-Thunderbolts and Lightnings, 7 sigs, #113/250

   Russell Smith-Sixth on the Sixth, 364/500, double remarque

   Robin Smith-Morning Glory, remarque, 235/500

   Michael Turner-Piece of Cake, 4 sigs, 493/1494

   Putt Elephants- 8 sigs, sold

   Simon Atack-Battleshp Bismarck, 5 sigs, AP, 6/25

   Nick Trudgian-Breaching the Damm, 4 sigs, 217/500, sold out

   Robert Bailey-Typhoon Target, 16/20, quadrouple remarque, 14 sigs,1 of

   a kind

   Robin Smith-Preparing for Action 5/25 remarque 1 sig

   Robin Smith-Too Low Too Slow 2/500 double remarque

   Simon Atack-Farewell the Hood 250/500 1 sig

   Robin Smith Seek and Destroy, 3 sigs, remrque 196/500

   Michael Turner-The Age of Chvalry 1 sig wwi 1 ace 756/1000

   Michael Wootoon-The Straggler 3 sigs (JJohnson, Galland, Beamont)


   Stever Heyen-Afternon Sweep, triple remarque its huge 23/200

   Morning Chorus-4 sigs #41/100 matching 3's with Hartmann

   Robert Bailey-Night Crossing 3 sigs, double remarque HUGE Special

   Edition 47/50

   Robert BaileyFull Throttle, remarque, 36/40 SE, 4 sigs

   Robert Bailey-Ruhr Express 8 sigs se 45/60 Huge Twin Double Remarques

   Mark Posthlewaite-Tirpitz Mission Accomplished AP 9/30 Awesome Double


   Charles McHugh-Fighter Cover quadrouple remarque#250/250

   Charles McHugh-Cold War Warrior #250/250 matching #'s quadrouple

   remarque both have two hugh double remarques awesome

   Jack Fellows-Lost, with Matted Amelia Earheart signature sold!!!!!!!


   Michael Wootoon Wielding the Iron Hammer i sig #29/1000



   Pencil Drawings


   Steve Heyen 16X20 FW 190A-8 on ground awesome

   Steve Heyen 16X20 Spitfire MK IX in flight gorgrous

   Russell Smith 20X24 DR1 Triplane on Vellum stunning in everyway


   Small Prints


   Russell Smith


   Rudenbergs Pfalz DIII


   Lowenhardt Remarque-love this one


   Fokker F1-Remarque


   Bring it Around (DR1)


   American Camels


   152/17-remarque really cool


   Queen of the Prussian Sky


   Baumers Edelweiss-Double Remarque


   Albatross D5A


   Bringing the Guns to Bear


   Into the War Zone


   Robin Smith-Two Boys one Dream




   Entire Photobucket link not all pics are art.





   also a couple pics












11/01/2011 21:06:43
We can negotiate in your favor very low prices.


   Big Framed pieces still cost a lot to ship, insure and package.


   Well throw me some low offers on stuff. I can ship out unframed prints tuesday I eat paypal fees. And I pay shipping on unframed stuff.



   patrick (paypal is the same)


   If you want pictures I can take more Sunday (if you are really interested)

   My internet is spotty so I have to hit starbucks for the nest few days to check e-mail


   Pick up in person in Southern California (Claremont) is fine)
14/01/2011 23:55:37
Now Sold


   Otto Kittel Signature


   Double Signed Hoffmann card Werner Molders/Adolf Galland


   Both sold at obscenely cheap prices.


   Get in touch with me and make offers on stuff.


   SoCal folks of course the large framed stuff is available for pick-up out of towners (CONUS and Canada only) you must pay shipping costs.


   thanx all

04/02/2011 04:18:55