Dear members,

   I am a belgian pilot, collecting aviation art for about 10 years now.

   I have too many prints (all stored flat and never framed) and would like to sell some of them.

   If you agree,I will post a list of the prints, but how do I do to post images of the remarques?

   thanks for your help

11/01/2011 09:16:08
Welcome to eHangar!


   The link below will take you to a thread that will walk you through the process -
11/01/2011 15:31:08
hello again,

   I will start with a list of the prints.

   It is the first time I ever sell anything, as it was not the intention when I bought them, but life is never as expected...






   -Valient response/ anniversary edition 6/350

   -Hornchurch scramble / anniversary edition 6/350

   -Air armada/ anniversary edition 6/350

   -Tally Ho 874/990

   -Summer victory (I need to check the edition number as I cannot see it on the COA)

   -Most memorable day-special edition (pencil print) 554/1000

   -The Homecoming 214/600

   -Knights move/tirpitz edition 199/400

   -Struggle for supremacy 74/600

   -After the battle/AP 14/100

   -Fighter general 96/1000

   -Savage skies/ green heart proof (need to check the edition number)

   -Dambusters-the impossible mission/collectors edition 347/350


   -Air combat paintings volume 5- raf remarque edition

   -Running th Gauntlet- remarque edition 6/25

   -Air combat paintings masterwork collection/generals edition 393/400


   Nick Trudgian


   -Heia safari/ panzer edition/ double remarque5/10

   -sea wolves/wolfpack double remarque edition 9/20

   -Slowing the red tide/triple remarque 5/10

   -tangmere hurricanes/REMARQUE 32/50

   -Alpine thunder/remarque 27/50

   -The checkertail clan:remarque 11/25

   -Spitfire country/double remarque 43/50

   -storm chasers/remarque 3/40

   -Kursk-clash of steel/remarque 9/35

   -A summer for heroes/BOB remarque edition+additional signatures 5/35

   -The big guns/remarque edition 19/25

   -Summer storm /BOB remarque edition 5/10

   -Achtung spitfire/knight cross edition 48/52

   -The 300 club 428/500

   -the end of von werra

   -The last offensive 14/125

   -guns of the eastern 12/140

   -B flight scramble/biggin hill edition 8/100


   Richard Taylor


   -Arctic hunters/remarque 10/25

   -Evening reflection / double remarque 4/10

   -Into the fray/ double remarque 4/10

   both those last two remarques are very large and drawn on a separate piece of paper.


   Simon Atack


   -The belle under attack 62/500

   -August victory 18/500


   Gil Cohen: -Return to the bump BOB edition 70/500

    -We guide to strike/REMARQUE edition 17/25


   John SHAW: -The Hornests nest 120/300 (5 signatures:aces high)

    - A Higher call AP REMARQUE 33/150(metal relic +"return of

    the Pub


   Wartime signatures (bought to stefan korlin)


   - Nowotny



   -m?  lders



   That's it for now














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