Michael Turner - Original Drawing (not sketch)

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Here's another original Michael Turner piece I have to sell off coz I'm skint! (The sketch I advertised recently is currently on-hold for an eHanger member who has first refusal).


   This one is a larger drawing (not sketch) of the 403 Sqn MkXVI Spitfire that is currently at the Manston museum, TB 752.


   Its a 1986 drawing approx 14" x 11". Its been framed in the past and has got a couple of handling creases (hence the low price), but these don't affect the image.


   I'm looking for about 175GBP plus shipping, but I'm open to offers (I'll pay the Paypal fees)


   To make an offer or for more info, either PM me or drop me a note at fz1fz1@hotmail.com




12/12/2010 12:16:24
One of the VERY few pieces of Av art depicting the Spitfire with clipped wings.


   Quite beautiful really ... I'm skint too, unfortunately, but I'm sure one of eHangar's members will snap this drawing up right quick!
14/12/2010 09:28:43
I'm sure one of eHangar's members will snap this drawing up right quick!

   I'd have thought so, but apparently not!


   Still open to offers.


18/12/2010 11:53:44

   I'd have thought so, but apparently not!


   Still open to offers.




   I'm suspecting ehangar collectors are wary of those "couple of handling creases", they do seem to stand out and detract from the image, I've found myself once you see any sort of defect on a print/image your eye is always drawn to it when viewing :cry:
18/12/2010 13:42:59
I would love to buy this, as I love Michael Turner's work and it is a great image !


   But like yourself, I'm also skint and I'm actually vastly reducing my own collection. I'm also hesitant due to that one crease just below the ME109 ?


   Not sure that you could hide that ?


   Where's Stephen the framer ??????? We need some advise !!



18/12/2010 15:20:54
Hard to tell. Often shadows make creases look worse then they are.


   Without seeing it first hand, if it was mine, there would be a few options.

   #1) Leave it as is and don't worry about it.


   #2) Dry mount press without drymount - heat and pressure to flatten it. Sometimes works miracles.


   #3) If the paper is not cracked too bad - a product called Artcare Restore. It is a dry mount board that can be "reversed" if done properly.


   #4) Cut a mat in on it and put a patch or something in that area.


   Personally, I would likely mat it to cover the marks and add a signature or a patch in the area.
19/12/2010 00:44:03
I'm suspecting ehangar collectors are wary of those "couple of handling creases"

   Yup, and that's why its dead cheap! Michael Turner drawings are rare as hens teeth (he doesn't do remarques). If it was mint, I'd be wanting a bit more for it than "offers under a hundred and fifty quid"!



   As Steven says, there's ways of mounting it to get round the crease. If anyone wants an original Michael Turner drawing, its here for the taking, but its not mint and it'll need a good framer to mount/frame it to its best advantage.


   Having said that, I might get it framed up myself in one of the ways that Steven suggests. I've got a pencil signature of Fred Town, the last pilot to score a victory in this aircraft, so mounting that in the mat might be the way to go - Thanks Steven!





19/12/2010 15:03:30
Oh yes - signatures and a set of wings or a plaque under it would make a nice presentation!
19/12/2010 17:26:13
Oh yes - signatures and a set of wings or a plaque under it would make a nice presentation!

    :) And put the price up LOL :D
19/12/2010 19:07:24
:) And put the price up LOL :D

   Now there's a thought!!

19/12/2010 20:11:06
Now sold ..... before I got round to mounting the sig, etc., so that's a result!




26/12/2010 12:20:25
Glad to hear it sold! Such a nice drawing, by one of the best aviation artists in the world, at a reasonable price, at Christmas time - how could it not go? Even with a few dings, at the very worst it could be drymounted and the viewer would never notice.
26/12/2010 15:01:07
Glad you sold it! I strongly considered it several times, but I was deep into bidding on a couple of eBay auctions that I wanted desperately ... maybe too much as I was approaching four figures all told and was starting to wonder which credit card to use. Luckily (I guess), I lost both due to those ^&%$#$ hidden sniper-bot bid programs (which ought to be illegal, IMHO) which hide one's max bid until the last 8 seconds ... Grrr.


   Anyway, gorgeous piece and congrats to the new owner! Show us the framing once done!


26/12/2010 15:49:09
By way of closure to this thread, are we likely to hear how the new owner got on with restoring this artworks full potential?


   At 25 years old the ageing process was inevitable unless it had been maintained behind glass and out of bright daylight. The prices quoted would suggest that somebody had got a bargain, especially if a high quality resurection was possible.
27/12/2010 17:47:07
Hi Folks and thanks for the interest.


   Yes, it was indeed a bargain but it's not an eHangar buyer (not that I'm aware of anyway), so probably won't be able to follow up on this one.


   Apart from the sketch that I advertised a couple of weeks back, I have one last drawing by Michael Turner. This one is also a Spit and larger than the others, but that one's not getting sold! Its a 1979 drawing in excellent condition, framed and no creases. I'm going to get it reframed so I will certainly post the results of that one even though we're not likely to see the final result of the '86 one.




27/12/2010 23:40:46