Signature Cards and prints super cheap

Buy & Sell (Temporary Classifieds)
I need to sell a few pieces ASAP


   If in SoCal my framed stuff is available. Abbeville Boys, Knights Move 6-sig Schweinfurt The Second Mission 11 sigs No Turning Back 14 sigs Swansong 2 sigs and more Too expensive to ship.buyer must pickup or pay the $250 shipping conus


   Tons of remarqued prints a few original pencil drawings and some signature postcards


   unframed lots of Bailey remarques many NT prints not remarqued Robert Taylor Michael Wootten Michael Turner gotta find my list my computer crashed this is my backup machine



   Ernst Udet hoffman card $400


   Double Signed Vertag Card Molders, Galland


   WWI SANKE double signed by Max Immelmann and Oswald Boelke



   all prices are dirt cheap I have receipts from a few years back

   prices are firm

   patphotobucket link

   949-205-3858 if local



09/12/2010 20:54:12
I need to get a list of the unframed prints, by tonite maybe
09/12/2010 21:03:51
Here you guys go. I will make exceptional deals on anything!!!


   Need to sell a few pieces.





   photobucket link for some pics

   Original oils


   Robert Watts- The Silver Warrior Group 36X24 with a new $4000 framed

   Russell Smith- King of the Camel Aces Framed $900

   Ed Doyle-Hurricane Scramble Framed

   Steve Heyen-Black 10 (amazing Bf-109G oil) Framed $400

   Robin Smith FW190A-8 Taxing on wood frame not framed around the edges





   James Dietz-Last Word Great Piece 720/1000 SOLD OUT

   Russell Smith-Hostile Sky Giclee double remarque

   Richard Taylor-Coastal Patrol 120/400, 3 sigs

   Michael Howard-JG52 68/250 1 sig (RALL)

   Robert Taylor-Knights Move 6 sigs10/400

   Michael Howard-JV44 14/450, 2 sigs double remarque

   Richard Taylor-Hold The Line Remarque 5 sigs including Mantueffel and

   Preiss (both matted) #4/25

   Robert Taylor-Swansong 2 sigs, 278/1250

   Robert Taylor-Those Valiant Few, 50 sigs, #142/165

   James Dietz-High Summer PP 60/100

   Nick Trudgian-Richtoven's Flying Circus 222/600

   Robert Taylor-Abbeville Boys, 2 sigs, 168/1250

   Russell Smith-Quadrouple Remarque Last Dance of the Hussar AP 26/56

   Michael Howard-Panzer Drive Double Remarque Special Presentation Print

   (one of a kind) amazing piece

   Russell Smith-The Golden Triumvirate giclee double remarque 17/250

   Robert Taylor-Savage Skies, 3 sigs 101/400

   Robert Taylor-No Turning Back 78/200, 12 signatures

   Hienz Krebs-Narrow Escape, 77/350 5 sigs

   RG Smith-Channel Dash AP Galland Signature

   Robert Bailey-Escort Fury, PP 10/100, 3 sigs

   Robert Taylor-Schweinfurt the Second Raid, 11 sigs, 110/325

   Robert Taylor-Greycap Leader 284/850 33 sigs

   Robert Taylor-Special Duties, #589/750, six sigs

   Robert Taylor-Peacful Anchorage 340/500

   Robert Taylor Scharnhorst at Anchor #340/500 matching numbers

   MichaelHoward-Counting them Home #575/1000. 1 sig

   Gerald Coulson-Hartman #41/100 (Hartmann sig)

   Nick Trudgian-Dragons of Columbert, 3 sigs printed remarque

   Nick Trudgian-Storm Clouds Gather 263/400, 2 sigs

   Richard Taylor-Typhoon Scramble, 3 sigs

   50th Anniv Spruce Goose Print Sined by entire crew minus Howard Hughes,

   10 sigs




   Anthony Saunders-En Route and Dambusters matching numbers both #2/19

   both REmarqued

   Mark Posthlewaithe-Bismarck into battle AP #6, 7 sigs

   Wade Meyers-Eagles of Thunder quadrouple remarque 32/50

   Wade Meyers-One man Man Air Force quadrouple remarque 41/50

   Wade Meyers-Chico the Gunfighter, 65/120 AP 1 sig double remarque

   Michael Wooton-April Morning 1918 #822/855, 4 sigs

   Nick Trudgian-Thunderbolts and Lightnings, 7 sigs, #113/250

   Russell Smith-Sixth on the Sixth, 364/500, double remarque

   Robin Smith-Morning Glory, remarque, 235/500

   Michael Turner-Piece of Cake, 4 sigs, 493/1494

   Putt Elephants- 8 sigs, sold

   Simon Atack-Battleshp Bismarck, 5 sigs, AP, 6/25

   Nick Trudgian-Breaching the Damm, 4 sigs, 217/500, sold out

   Robert Bailey-Typhoon Target, 16/20, quadrouple remarque, 14 sigs,1 of

   a kind

   Robin Smith-Preparing for Action 5/25 remarque 1 sig

   Robin Smith-Too Low Too Slow 2/500 double remarque

   Simon Atack-Farewell the Hood 250/500 1 sig

   Robin Smith Seek and Destroy, 3 sigs, remrque 196/500

   Michael Turner-The Age of Chvalry 1 sig wwi 1 ace 756/1000

   Michael Wootoon-The Straggler 3 sigs (JJohnson, Galland, Beamont)


   Stever Heyen-Afternon Sweep, triple remarque its huge 23/200

   Morning Chorus-4 sigs #41/100 matching 3's with Hartmann

   Robert Bailey-Night Crossing 3 sigs, double remarque HUGE Special

   Edition 47/50

   Robert BaileyFull Throttle, remarque, 36/40 SE, 4 sigs

   Robert Bailey-Ruhr Express 8 sigs se 45/60 Huge Twin Double Remarques

   Mark Posthlewaite-Tirpitz Mission Accomplished AP 9/30 Awesome Double


   Charles McHugh-Fighter Cover quadrouple remarque#250/250

   Charles McHugh-Cold War Warrior #250/250 matching #'s quadrouple

   remarque both have two hugh double remarques awesome

   Jack Fellows-Lost, with Matted Amelia Earheart signature sold!!!!!!!


   Michael Wootoon Wielding the Iron Hammer i sig #29/1000



   Pencil Drawings


   Steve Heyen 16X20 FW 190A-8 on ground awesome

   Steve Heyen 16X20 Spitfire MK IX in flight gorgrous

   Russell Smith 20X24 DR1 Triplane on Vellum stunning in everyway


   Small Prints


   Russell Smith


   Rudenbergs Pfalz DIII


   Lowenhardt Remarque-love this one-sold


   Fokker F1-Remarque


   Bring it Around (DR1)


   American Camels


   152/17-remarque really cool-sold


   Queen of the Prussian Sky


   Baumers Edelweiss-Double Remarque


   Albatross D5A


   Bringing the Guns to Bear


   Into the War Zone


   Robin Smith-Two Boys one Dream¤t=DSCF2512.jpg
29/12/2010 22:40:50
Would it be possible to post pictures of Anthony Saunders remarques?


30/12/2010 14:36:59
I bought the matching #'s pair remarques of his first two prints for Military Gallery.


   Both prints are very nice and the remarques are quite large and nice.


   Digging up what I can on the fly.


   They released for $750 for the pair.


   You can have the pair for $550 shipped and I eat paypal fees or local pickup in Claremont Ca (My whole collection is together more or less in Claremont)




   949-205-3858 (cell, text, message recorder not working)

   Any day is pretty much fine.


14/01/2011 23:49:39
My old METRO PCS really sucked bad.


   I have ATT now and my new phone/text number is 951-316-4127


   That Kittel Sig sold for an absurd price.........anybody in SoCal as always can

   look at the bulk of my collection in person, just let me know.





   Patrick Roberts
19/01/2011 04:35:51
hum...wonder who that went too.... ;)


   Rolex5513 was awesome to deal with! Highly recommend.
19/01/2011 13:56:45
Yeah you scored


19/01/2011 22:59:05
. $750 for the pair or

    $450 for Werner Molders/Galland

    $400 for Ernst Udet



   that's 40% less than I paid for them


   Patrick (e-mail and paypal)
21/01/2011 22:14:48