Jim Davis Rear Gunner

Do you know this print ... ?
I found this one in the loft this afternoon. It seems Jim Davis was a rear gunner, whom whilst not painting, wrote a great book too.

   I gather he painted this for the Bomber Command Association way back in the 1980's




   Don't know any more about it other than this.
02/12/2010 17:09:01
Come on Taylorfan, give us more info......

   Is that Bomber Harris' signature in the middle....Who are the two other signatures ?


02/12/2010 18:32:22
Hi Pete,

   Yes I can confirm that one of the printed signatures is Harris's. The other two are Pathfinder leader Don Bennett, and ACM Gus Walker of 50 & 61 squadrons. The print is entitled 'Winged Victory' and originates from the 1980s when I bought it.
02/12/2010 18:37:10
Hi. He was indeed a rear gunner with 90 squadron and the pathfinders. I know him well! This print was also accepted by the Queen, the Queen Mother, Prince Charles, the Soviet Kremlin and Ronald Reagan for the Whitehouse. Jim also headed the commitee that had the International Air Monument built on Plymouth Hoe - it commemorates all Allied Air Personnel who lost their lives in WWII, men and women. Unfortunately Jim is no longer a well man but he's still going and still drawing occasionally!!
06/04/2011 11:54:48

Hi I have an original oil painting of a painting by Jim Davis I am looking for more information on this I believe it's titled "sunset over the river plym" and is hand signed by Jim himself judging by the signature I seen on the print winged victory any help would be much appreciated I can provide images if needed is it valuable to anyone raf museum perhaps  

14/09/2021 23:39:26