Michael Turner - Original Sketch

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   The concept sketch for the painting (and limited edition print) called Final Victory painted in 1979.


   The size is 22cm x 18.5cm and it has been framed (poorly) in the past resulting in diagonal tape marks on the reverse which can be seen on the front. Apart from that, the condition is excellent. Not perfect, but how many original Michael Turner drawings do you see? (He doesn't do remarques - I know, I'ver tried!)


   I am also including a framed copy of the print which is the subject of the drawing. It depicts an engagement by F/O Fred Town on 4 May 1945 and is signed by both Town and Turner. This is a freebie with the drawing because the framer has butchered the print by slicing off the bottom piece and pasting it onto the matting (I have no idea why anyone would do that). I just think that whoever buys the drawing might like a copy of the print, however mangled it is. Print frame size is approx 65cm x 45cm. (NOTE: Will be shipped without Glass in frame if not collected in person)





   Currently on e*ay for a start price of 145GBP, but will do 135GBP plus shipping for any eHanger member who wants it before any bids are placed.


27/11/2010 17:17:09