Prints-various artists

Buy & Sell (Temporary Classifieds)
I'm letting some of my prints go. PM me if any of you are interested in the following:


   John Shaw: Warrior and the Wolfpack Main edition and Victory Edition

   John Shaw: Eagle's Nest, 2 A/P's 1 signed by 18, 1 signed by 21

   John Shaw: Avengers of the Philippines PP


   Robert Taylor: Knights of the Eastern Front (framed)

   Robert Taylor: Dawn Eagle's Rising Tribute Edition

   Robert Taylor: Chennault's Flying Tigers

   Robert Taylor: After the Storm


   Nicolas Trudgian: Thundering Home

   Nicolas trudgian: Bomber Force

   Nicolas trudgian: Scramble for the Marianas A/P


   John Young: Belle...Homeward Bound

   John Young: Too Close for Comfort

   John Young: D-Day A New Dawn


   Frank Wootton: Peenemunde


   John Ficklen: Police Action Over the Yalu River


   Michael Smart: After Me the Flood


   Mike Machat: Hey Pard


   Simon Atack: August Victory


   William Phillips: Into the Arms of the Dragon Giclee


   Roy Grinnell: Yeager's Conquest
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