John Shaw - Iwo Jima AP 26/100 For Sale

Buy & Sell (Temporary Classifieds)
Hi folks. I need to move a few prints to pay for a couple other things I am after.


   Mainly and I hope will sell is #26/100 John Shaw's - Iwo Jima A Hard Won Haven AP. It is mint and has been stored in acid free materials since it arrived to me. Signatures are beautiful on it and the Jack Lucas signature is extremely nice.


   You all know what the print looks like and I don't care to send pictures of the actual print if anyone is interested.


   I also have the full CofA with this print. It is a NICE booklet with photos, etc. Not just the temporary certificate.


   I will let it go for issue price of $295.00 shipped in tube.

   or I will ship flat if you will pay for the shipping.
21/09/2010 00:59:31
or PM me with an offer.....
21/09/2010 14:32:50