Old School blatant copying!

Aviation Jokes
The art world was shocked recently to discover what is widely considered now to be the very first instance of blatant copying of another's work. Of note to us on eHangar, this also appears to be one of the very first pieces of aviation art, BTW! Notice the image of an early P-51 Mustang showing through the thin layers of paint! Obviously, Edgar Schmued and his team of engineers did NOT design this aircraft!!


   As for the art, well, compare for yourself: notice the very strong similarities between -



   Leonardo Da Vinci, the Mona Lisa, completed 1519:





   ... and then there's this newly-discovered work, which exists only in this one recently-unearthed photograph:



   Leroy Da Vinci (Leonardo's step-brother), "Rosy, My Little Bambino", obviously completed nine years earlier! 8O





   Hey, I just report the news, folks ~
06/09/2010 00:47:11
06/09/2010 02:35:34
:o Oh, the humanity!!!!
06/09/2010 03:50:45
:lol: :lol:
06/09/2010 15:12:24
'Merlin Lisa'
06/09/2010 22:09:50
I get that same sublime smile when a P-51 does a buzz job right over my head too!




06/09/2010 22:33:48
Damn! The buggers are even more prevalent than we initially thought... SOB's!!
07/09/2010 01:41:03
Hey, I don't have a dog in this fight, but for the sake of history I'd like to see Leroy D. get the credit due him, youse know what I'm sayin'?


   And we finally know the source of the famous wry smile! :lol:
07/09/2010 02:06:32