Call For Entries - Top 10 Aviation Art Originals For 2009

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eHangar members,


   Something new here! Suggested by Chris (Blueviper2). Instead of prints, we're talking original art here.


   I'd like to get as much participation as possible!


   Any artist can submit their own original. I know that's a bit unusual, as most artists are too modest to submit their own work, but in the interest of a good contest, we collectors would be happy if you did!


   If you own an original, please submit it!


   If you've seen a good original, please submit it! Here's where collectors can nominate things they've seen on eHangar. Also, artists can submit works done by their peers.


   There's been some good paintings on eHangar this year, let's get them in the contest!


   One limitation I'd suggest would Taylor originals and other widely published works. For example, I know the original for "Dawn Eagles Rising" is out there somewhere. However, neither Robert Taylor nor the owner has posted it here on eHangar. I'd prefer to enter something like that into the print contest. However, if the lucky owner of "Dawn Eagles Rising" is on eHangar reading this, and want to put it in the contest, it's fair game! Bottom line for widely published works, I think they should have some eHangar connection (artist, owner, etc.) to be in this contest.


   Here's how it will work (plagarized from Blacksheep):




   Every member can nominate up to 10 of their favorite originals (painting, pencil, sculpture, whatever) created during 2009.


   Please nominate your choices by including the title of the original, the name of the artist, and an image of the original. Unlike prints, there aren't many images of originals out there for me to snag off a website. You're pretty much going to have to provide your own image.


   For those unfamiliar with how to post images, see the instructions below:


   The nominations must be time stamped by the website no later than January 10.


   VOTING (To take place later, starting January 11) -


   Decide which 3 originals you like the most, and number them from 1 to 3.


   The original numbered 1 (your favorite) will receive 3 points.

   The original numbered 2 will receive 2 points.

   The original numbered 3 will receive 1 point.


   Voting will end on January 31 as time stamped by the website.


   The original that has accumulated the most points will be the top, or number 1 original of 2009. The original with the next highest collection of points will be placed in the number 2 position. It may happen that several originals may tie with the same point total. If that happens, they will share in their placement. For example, with the number 1 and 2 positions spoken for, say three originals tie for third place. Originals 3-5 are tied, will share third place, and will be listed in positions 3, 4 and 5 in alphabetical order by the artist's last name. This will be repeated until we have selected 10 originals (hopefully we'll get that many!). There may be more than 10 originals placing if a tie situation takes up additional spots.


   I'll start the voting process with a seperate thread on January 11 and restate these rules at that time. The winners will be posted on February 1.






   Disclaimer - Credit for anything good about this year's contest goes to Sunny & Blacksheep for laying the solid groundwork. Credit for anything bad that happens during this year's contest goes to me and me alone!
29/11/2009 17:13:35
I'll get us started:



   Steve Anderson - MvR SPAD Encounter






   It's a small painting at 16 X 12 done in oil.


   My apologies to Steve for the photo. I just can never get a digital photo of an original that really represents it well.


   This painting shows Richthofen's Albatros DV battling an RFC SPAD VII. Richthofen got victory #54 against a SPAD VII flown by 23 Squadron RFC on 23 June 1917. He got victory #59 against a SPAD VII flown by 19 Squadron RFC on 26 August 1917. These victories are around the time he flew the Albatros DV shown in the painting, so this painting depicts an encounter that could plausibly have happened, and not a particular victory.


   This one is mine. Hope you enjoy it!


   Also wanted to nominate this gem:


   Harley Copic - Double Trouble






29/11/2009 17:24:48
Hi Fuzzy,


   Good that you've taken the lead of the two "top contests", prints and original.

   Not sure that artists will dare to propose their own originals as entries. I'm not ready to do so myself since "by design" I'm never totaly satisfied by the last canvas and put all the efforts on the new one to be better... and start again the process :?


   However, I've already few ideas from my fellow artists to submit as entries... let me think of it and I'll be back.


29/11/2009 22:29:52
Thanks Vincent,


   I thought artists proposing their own work might be a stretch, even if we'd all love to see it. Since eHangar artists often admire their peers' work, I was hoping we'd get some nominations that way. Looking forward to hearing from you!


29/11/2009 23:22:15
I'd like to nominate Paul Couper's 'ABC Lancaster'.


    Hard to beat the sky, atmospheric mood and lighting of this great painting imho.


29/11/2009 23:37:50


   Very nice! This thread is paying off already. That's a great painting I had not seen before.


30/11/2009 00:30:58
In my first draft of the rules, I used the word "painted".


   Poor word choice on my part. I didn't mean to restrict the contest to paintings.


   The contest is open to any aviation art - paintings, drawings, digital, sculptures, etc.


30/11/2009 00:34:49
I have three that have stuck with me - more to follow, I'm sure:



   Russell Smith's "Starting Line" ~




   Mark Karvon's "Defender of the Reich" ~




   Terry's whatchamacallit ~




30/11/2009 00:42:09
Some of Mark Postlethwaite's paintings that I have liked in particular this year. Not in any order.


   Sunderland Strike



   Combat Over Budapest



   Hewish Heinkel




   *I second Wade's choice of Russell Smith's "Starting Line" definitely one of my favorites!*
30/11/2009 01:48:14
OK! I Like This!


   Here are my nominations - I reserve the right to add to this list!


   Not in any particular order....


   Stearman - Andrew Tucker




   P-80 Shooting Star - Mark Karvon



   F-15SG - Ross (sorry, I don't know Ross' last name)



   Only The Beginning - Vincent Meslet



   Spitfire Over Dunkirk - Brian Bateman



   Erich Hartman - Frank Schwarz



   That's all for now, but I may add a few more....




30/11/2009 02:34:48
I'd like to nominate a work by a good friend of mine from the UK. Also, can I nominate pieces that have already been chosen? I would also like to nominate some of the pieces that are already posted here.


   Training Days by Geoff Butterworth


30/11/2009 12:20:23


   Feel free to second the motion. It's good to hear that others support a work, and I'm sure the artist appreciates it.


30/11/2009 12:52:34
So many to choose from!

   Hadn't seen Mark's "Sunderland Strike" before, what a fantastic painting!!

   Havn't figured out how to post someone elses pictures yet but will do as soon as I figure it out.

   ABC Lancaster is definately in my top 10 as is Vincents "Only the beginning" (love them clouds) and "F15s" by Ross (great WIP too)

   Will be back.




   PS Wade, you're a gentleman :)
30/11/2009 17:02:46
Love all Johns work, he opened up a whole new world of aviation art for me, a very tallented man!

   Getting a signed print of this one :)





   There couldn't possibly be a top 10 without at least one from this fine artist!

   "Temporary Reprieve" Wade Meyers



   He just carn't do no wrong in my eyes. "Erich Taube" by Russel Smith.



   Couldn't stop looking at this. Would love to see the original.

   Not sure of the title "Gazelle helicopters" Charles McHugh




   Great composition with a great title "Merlinsong" Steven Heyen.





   Don't know much about computer art but I know a lot of work went into this and it shows! Stunning piece of work.

   "Slice and Dice" Ronnie Olsthoon




   Thats all 10 (including the above seconding) could have gone with many more (like that 109 byMartin Bleasby :wink: )
30/11/2009 18:48:00
Was I meant to limit it to three?
30/11/2009 19:20:09


   Right now we are just nominating, so up to 10 is fine.


30/11/2009 21:48:27
Heres a few of my favorites this year, (not yet nominated)


   Ding Hao by Steve Heyen




   "Two Birds with one Stone" by Russell Smith




   Hats in the Ring by Jim Dietz


01/12/2009 04:09:52
Hi all,


   I would like to put the following into the mix (with more to follow probably as its been a good year!)


   Defender of the Reich - Mark Karvon



   F-15SG - Ross



   Temporary Reprieve - Wade Meyers



   The Roar of Thunder - Pete Wenman



   For me, these are paintings to sit and ponder over for hours! Just wish I had the cash for my own copies!


   Good luck to all


01/12/2009 13:43:04
Thank you to those who nominated my works. To the already posted works I also nominate:


   Bottleneck by Gareth Hector



   Gulf War Tornado by Paul Couper



   Normandie by Julien Lepelletier



   To me these pieces are vibrant, rich and full of flavor. After viewing them I feel satisfied as if I have just completed a delicious dinner.
01/12/2009 15:00:43
Here are the ten that I would like to nominate, in no particular order. I wish I could nominate twice that as there is just so much fabulous work out there that would be deserving.


   Paul Couper's "ABC Lancaster"


   Russell Smith's "Starting Line"


   Postlethwaite's "Combat Over Budapest" and "Hewish Heinkel"


   Ross "F-15SG"


   Vincent Meslet "Only The Beginning"


   Brian Bateman "Spitfire Over Dunkirk "


   Geoff Butterworth "Training Days"


   Wade Meyers "Temporary Reprieve"


   And it wouldn't be complete, for me anyway, without Pete Wenman's "The Roar of Thunder"




   Good Luck to all of you :D
01/12/2009 16:25:20