TSR-2 aviation art

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I've just created a special section in the Aircraft Directory listing all the available aviation art on the BAC TSR.2 strike bomber.


   You can visit the page at http://www.ehangar.com/aircraft/tsr2/.


   On most of the art, you can see a Lightning chaseplane. Only one artist - Rod Kirkby, has identified the Lightning in his depiction as a T4.


   I would like to ask those more knowledgeable members of our community if the T4 was also the version depicted in the other aviation art as well? I ask because I would like to categorise the prints specifically with this information.


   If you know of any other published prints of the TSR-2, please let me know or post them here for us to view.


   I have a few more images to add but need more information on them before I do. Anyway, please enjoy the current selection at http://www.ehangar.com/aircraft/tsr2/.
31/03/2008 07:11:28
The Lightning T4 has a pointed tip to the tail fin as for F1A and F2 single seaters.


   - T5 has the squared off tip as with F3/ F6 single seaters.

   Looks like the artists are showing both types in the prints here.


   "Thunder and Lightning" site quote a T5 as chase on the TSR2's 14th flight.
31/03/2008 08:30:43
Thanks, Neil.


   For ease of reference, I'll post all the available images from the Aviation Art Directory:



   BAC TSR.2 by Jerry Boucher



   Breakthrough At Boscombe by Ronald Wong



   Cancelled by Peter R. Westacott



   English Electric TSR 2 by Basil Al-zubaydi



   The Gathering Storm by Simon Mumford



   Return To The Future by Ronald Wong



   TSR-2, Flight 16 by Rod Kirkby
31/03/2008 09:14:54
A Lightning T4 , XM968 was used in support of the TSR2 in 1964.

   looks to have a yellow training band just forward of the tail


   The info I have says a T5 was used in support of TSR2 flight no.14 when it went supersonic ( sans reheat).
31/03/2008 19:53:07
The early paint scheme for the T5 - was polished metal with yellow bands on the wings and some also had a band on the rear fuselage.


    However, the T-birds were only built in limited numbers, I think only 20 T-4's were built and there were 22 T-5's built.





   I do agree that there is some confusion with the use of T4's or T5's. It's my thought that both were used.


   While on the subject. Did you know that the TSR2 exceeded mach 1 only once. On that occasion only one engine was put into reheat, this left the lightning standing even though it had engaged both engines in reheat.....
26/05/2008 18:15:42