Panzer IV/F1

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I know not a airplane but just thought you guys might want to see what I do. Posted this in the new members area but maybe here is more appropriate to get any feedback? One of the latest to see the light of day.

14/01/2008 23:36:54
Hi James and welcome,


   It's your best boxtop yet (I'm presuming it might be for a DML offering). So is DML reboxing the Ausf. E turret on the Ausf. F2/G kit?


   By the way I often check your builds on PlanetArmor although I don't believe I have posted there yet.



15/01/2008 05:32:18
That is an awesome rendering! Great detail. I love the effort you put into the treads and even the grass.
15/01/2008 19:01:00
One of my favorite tanks. Nice looking piece with lots of detail. I've been considering doing an armor subject myself.
15/01/2008 23:37:54
Very nice!!!From what I read here this is for a model box. If it wasn't I would like to see a more banged up and dirty tank. Bob
16/01/2008 02:56:38
Thanks guys- and yes it is for a model box top- a dream job that I always wanted to do- and I have been able to do about 13 now. These are done under a time deadline that is pretty tight- . I am getting better at it I think, if I do say so myself. Starting to get the techniques sorted.
25/01/2008 00:29:15