Baltimore Inspiration

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Based on a sketch done during the last ASAA forum in Baltimore, I had always in my mind to turn it to paint.

   Executed roughly and quickly without too much details to bother with.


   China Clipper - oil on canvas

13/01/2008 16:04:32
Vincent is being a little modest here, as his sketch of the clipper on which this painting is based won the Walter "Matt" Jeffries Award for the best work created at the ASAA 2007 forum.


   This painting has taken the sketch to another level. Gorgeous work my friend.


13/01/2008 16:37:45
Good stuff, Vincent! I recall that you were thinking of doing a larger work of this scene. 8-)


   Time to start getting excited about Seattle! 8)


13/01/2008 18:52:17
Baltimore? That doesn't look anything like a Baltimore!


   Very nice. Love the atmospherics. Great sence of motion. :wink:
14/01/2008 13:01:00
Yep too beautiful to be baltimore. Miyazaki's wet dream.
15/01/2008 19:03:13
Thanks to all,


   The more I see it, the more I love it. And the pic isn't that good. I'll try to have a better shot one of these day.


   "Baltimore" came from the fact that the initial sketch was done at the last ASAA forum held in Baltimore MA. Since the sketch won an award it was inspirating for me to put that in painting as shown in this "old" discussion with Wade :
16/01/2008 09:29:07
I like that Vincent - - its a Sikorsky right ? ,like Wade and several other artists on here I see you just getting better and better
21/01/2008 02:48:54
That would be a Martin 130, don't feel bad...I was thinking Boeing for some odd reason? But that was a different beast all together!
22/01/2008 12:49:28
Thanks to all for the kind words, I appreciate that this one has good feedback.

   I'm ok with the errors on the type, There's some mistake comparing to the original bird. But really, the idea was to change this quick sketch to a quick painting. A kind of oil study, nothing more.


26/01/2008 16:14:11