How to Insert Images into Forum posts

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:!: Posting Images - Important Rule :!:


   No URL's (except for should be overlaid on the images. This is tantamount to advertising or, if the URL is not that of your site, then it infringes the copyright of the site where the image was taken from. The only overlay allowed on images posted here is the copyright ?   notice of the poster or artist. Again, no URL should be included in the copyright notice.


   :!: Images infringing this rule will be deleted from the post or have the post deleted altogether.


   :arrow: Please also read and familiarise yourself with our Forum posting Do's and Don't's rules:


   How To Insert Images In Your Posts:


   :!: Important point: the image you display must already be available on the Internet (it cannot exist only on your computer for example, unless you run a webserver!). There is currently no way of attaching images in your post and uploading them onto our eHangar server. In essence, this forum cannot store any images; you can only "point" to the place where the image is stored on the Internet in order to display it.


   If you do not have your own webspace, you can upload and save your images to special sites that allow you to do this, the most popular and easy to use of which are:


   These are free image hosting sites and will only take you a couple of minutes to register and open an account and begin uploading your images.


   :arrow: After uploading your image, insert them in your Forum post

   To display an image you must surround the URL pointing to the image with tags. For example:




   If your images are hosted with Photobucket, you will see that the image

   :!: Note: the link in-between the [img] and " alt="" /> tags must end in an image format file, such as a .jpg, .gif or .png.


   :arrow: If the link you copy ends in any other file extensions oher than those above, such as .htm, .html, .asp, .jsp or .php, no images will show in your post! Such extensions are webpage file extensions, not image file extensions.


   :!: Image Sizes:

   Please limit your image sizes to a maximum width of 700-750 pixels to avoid the need for viewers to scroll left and right to view them. For Photobucket accounts, just click on each image, then click "resize" and then "Message Board". It shrinks each image down to where it can be viewed on the forum without having to scroll left and right, and allows the viewer to see all of the image at once.


   Once you have done these steps, you just need to refresh the forum page in your browser to see the result.


   <<<- Please ensure that your image size meets these strict guidelines otherwise you will receive a curt reminder or rebuke from our forum moderators! ->>>


   :arrow: If you would like to use an image from's Aviation Art Directory, do the following:

   1. Search for the image on the directory. Click on the image to enlarge it.

   2. Right-click on the image and select Properties on the pop-up menu.

   3. Highlight and copy the entire URL shown in the Properties box under "Address (URL)" for Internet Explorer browsers. For other browsers, this prcess is even simpler: right-click on the image you wish to link to; in the pop-up context menu, choose "Copy Image Location" for Firefox and Netscape users or "Copy Image Address" for Opera browsers.

   4. Paste the URL into your forum post.

   5. Highlight the URL and click on the Img tag from the menu above to enclose the URL between the img tags.

   6. Your image is ready for display!


   When you are ready to post, or you would like to see how your post would look and if your image would appear correctly, click on the Preview button to check your post. Edit your post as much as needed, then post it.


   :arrow: Don't worry, if after posting, you discover a typo or even factual error, you can always edit your post again or even delete it totally if you change your mind. The key is: Don't be afraid to experiment and make mistakes. Once you've done this a few times, you'll find doing this most easy! :)


   Have fun! :D


   Note: Thanks to Forum members Stormchaser, Blacksheep and Gray for their input and help in some of their tips above 8)
10/10/2004 07:06:54