Hello everyone.


   I collect Prints and Die Cast Aircraft. I am a member of the Diecast Aviation Forum, and it suddenly dawned on me that there might be a forum for Print collectors to . A quick bit of key punching in Google??  .and here I am.


   My print collection is small, at 10 Robert Taylors and 10 Nick Trudgian,.

   My Diecast collection is large??  .at around 150??  ??  50 of which are 1/32.


   I do not want to increase the number of prints I have, as storage is a problem. However, I do want to shape my collection by getting rid of the ones that I don??   t display and picking up the ones I really like. The choice of prints is now much better, since the early days. I said this with my die cast aircraft??  ..the collection must not go above 70??  ??  


   The prints I like best, depict action. For example ???Savage Skies??? and ???No Turning Back??? are 2 prints I would love to own.


   Well, I look forward to chatting with you all.


   DC (David Cotton)
01/11/2007 08:15:44
Hiya DC, :welcome to eHangar.com!


   I'm glad you found us and hope you'll enjoy your stay here with us.


   Famous last words, as you said about your die cast collection not exceeding 70 and many of us here know that collecting aviation art can be a slippery slope indeed :lol:
01/11/2007 09:17:45
Hello David have enjoyed your comments on Diecast forum good to see you over here
01/11/2007 16:45:59
Welcome to eHangar David!


   I have a few diecast aircraft also. They sure have come a long way since I was a kid. Placed in a display case, they can augment an aviation art collection nicely.


   A word of caution though, art or models-wise, all collections start out small! 8O
01/11/2007 21:47:03
hi dc, yep i have afew metal things hanging around, mrs mint hates them although she likes the corgi swordfish
01/11/2007 21:55:02
Greetings David... quite a band of collectors have been dropping in recently, glad to have you join us here and hope you enjoy our forum discussions. :)
03/11/2007 10:38:02