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I just joined today, and am quite amazed that I didn't find this forum sooner.


   I'm a professional aviation artist who left his architectural/toy/movie modeling business in Los Angeles to pursue this passion. I've only been doing this full time, however, for the past year - while some of my work dates back to 1990.


   I specialize in Japanese WW2 aircraft, and have released more than a dozen limited edition pieces that carry very rare Japanese ace autographs. I've known many of these great men for most of my life, since I've been very active in this specialty since I was 13 years-old.


   I also cover other subjects, mostly Axis, but I avoid the beaten path.


   I almost never portray violence in my work, not because I'm any kind of pacifist, but I strive to create images that the veterans who support my work (without asking for compensation, usually) will best appreciate. My pieces tend to be very nostalgic, with a deep 'moody' quality.


   - Ron Cole


27/10/2007 19:17:15
Welcome to the forum. I have seen your work elsewhere, just not sure where. Really like the Dragon Rapide piece over at your site. The atmospherics and lighting really work on that piece. An aircraft not illustrated much.


27/10/2007 21:18:24
Welcome to the forum. I enjoy viewing your work and am also a great fan of Japanese aircraft of WW2.
27/10/2007 21:27:28
Kudos to artists who tackle WWII Japanese airpcraft!


   You will fit right in around here Ron!




   Patrick Roberts
28/10/2007 05:16:34
Thanks, guys! I did just figure out how to post pictures - so here goes:


   I had this series autographed by Japanese Army ace Satoru Anabuki. It shows his escort of a flight of old Ki-27 Special Attack aircraft on a Kamikaze sortie to Okinawa. It's during the last weeks of the war, when units were trying ever more desperate tactics to avoid Allied interception - like night operations. In this case, Anabuki is hard-pressed to keep his flight together through a dark thunderstorm - even turning on all his lights to remain in sight of his young pilots.


   I produced 50 of these only.




28/10/2007 23:27:05
Nice work Ron. That's an interesting effect you've done with the propeller corckscrewing through the saturated air.
28/10/2007 23:42:15
Thanks, Falcon!


   That was something I knew I wanted to try and do before I started this piece. Funny thing: I painted my son's metal slinky mat white, pulled it apart, and photographed it. The end result was a template that revealed exactly how the vapor ought to spin at the right perspective.


   - Ron
28/10/2007 23:48:01


   Please take a few mins to visit:


   and note the comments therein regarding image size. We love your work and would like to see it all at one without using the slider at the bottom.
29/10/2007 06:54:27