Hi there, I have been guesting for a while on this excellent forum, as an introduction I live and work in the UK, I have a small collection of aviation art from artists such as William Phillips, Robert Bailey, Larry Selman, Nic Trudgian, Mike Rodot, Simon Atack and of course Robert Taylor.

   I hope to add to your excellent subject matter.

13/10/2007 21:20:54
Welcome Hal, good to have you here. :)
13/10/2007 22:08:29
Hi Hal, :welcome to eHangar.com! :)


   Great to have another collector on board and look forward to your input and participation.


   A lot of new members, like yourself, introduce themselves as saying they have been 'guesting' or 'lurking' here for a while.


   What prompted you to move from 'guester' to participant? :)
14/10/2007 00:28:37
Hi eHanger


What prompted you to move from 'guester' to participant?


   There are posts that come along that I would have liked to reply too and take a more active part on the forum. The information that comes out from this forum is amazing to the collector such as myself esp from the many artists.
14/10/2007 14:47:30
Nice to have you here.


   The people on this site are the BEST!!


   Hope you post some pictures of your collection in the near future, its always fun to see what everyone has on their walls.


   patrick roberts
14/10/2007 23:36:03