My name is JP Vieira and I am a new member here.

   I am an illustrator; I have done mainly historical illustration, but started to do aviation illustrations also recently.

   I hope that I can be a contributing memeber to this great forum, to have fun and lear a lot.

   Best regards

   JP Vieira
09/10/2007 11:13:56
Hi JP and welcome to eHangar.com! :)


   I see you're from Portugal - glad you've joined our growing international community of aviation art collectors and artists.


   I look forward to seeing your work/s here on this site. Enjoy your time here!
09/10/2007 14:35:55
Thank you for the warm wellcome.

   I know I will enjoy this forum: it is full of great artists :D
13/10/2007 09:26:29