Hi Guys another rookie

New Member greetings & introductions
hi, guys just a quick hello from me,been browsing the forum for a little while and decided at last to dip me toe in the water, so please dont bite it off :P i do have some of my own work to show but it stored on my own pc which i cant upload onto posts so i'm a bit stuck,but anyway look forward to joining in
05/10/2007 19:44:37
Minter hi


   Glad you've decided to join in.


   If you can't post photo's feel free to email me a couple and I'll post them here for you.




05/10/2007 21:02:29
Hi minter, welcome aboard!


   Glad you decided to chime in.


   You can upload your images for free at various websitesl like Photo Bucket.


   Check out the How'To section here:



   Looking forward to seeing your work! :)
06/10/2007 04:44:13