Hi From Southern California

New Member greetings & introductions
I am Patrick Roberts. Just found this site a few days back and already have made some new friends and discovered artists (of course I bought a few pieces from them) that are terrific.

   I am 40, divorced, teach History and have way to many hobbies/interests. I am a collector of all kinds of great things I cannot afford (mechancal wristwatches, avaition art, 1st edition history books, classic military boardgames, wine). I enjoy travel, college football (WISCONSIN ALUMNI!!), a great steak, deepsea fishing and sportscars.


   Aviation Art became a major addiction a few years back and I am quite good friends with Virginia Bader, a long time supporter of this industry.


   looking forward to talking to you folks

   Patrick Roberts

23/09/2007 10:07:17
Hi Patrick, a big and formal :welcome to you to our little community here :)


   I'm glad for you that you found us, people who share your passion for aviation art.


   As many have attested, getting into the world of collecting aviation art is a slippery slope. Even though you're no stranger to this, I can tell that being exposed to even more great aviation art, plus direct access to their creators here, that slope is going to get more slippery still for you ;)
23/09/2007 10:33:10