Hello from Cologne, Germany

New Member greetings & introductions
Hello to you all, I discovered this wonderful site a few months ago and have been lurking around for some time before finally signing up.


   While I usually work as a freelance model builder (architectural models, masters for resin models, custom plastic kits etc.) , I also do paintings on commission. After a customer asked if I could do a painting of his late granddad??s ship he served on in WWII, I felt that this was the most fun and rewarding project I have had for years, especially the Italian seaplane flying over the ship - I have always loved to draw and paint airplanes, so now I take all the limited spare time I have to paint airplanes.


   My first one is a Boulton Paul Overstrand, just based on a photograph to see if I can manage light/shadow and colour values - aside from the fact that I simply love those big golden-age bombers. You can see it in the Gallery section. For the next one, I have now moved on to create my own perspectives and settings and it looks like it is coming along quite well.


   The finished paintings of all the talented artists here, but also their postings in the "work in progress" -section, are an enormous source of inspiration that will undoubtely enhance my "learning curve" a lot.



15/08/2007 04:44:16
Welcome to Ehangar Thorsten :welcome


   Hopefully you will opt to add your WIP to the many that we find here, as we can all learn from each other at this international meeting place.
15/08/2007 15:30:07

   Welcome and it's nice to hear the WIPs are helpful. There are a few going on at the moment and please feel free to comment or ask questions.

   It's nice to have you aboard.
15/08/2007 19:40:37
Welcome, Thorsten! :)


   Glad you decided to join up and chime in. I look forward to seeing more of your work here.


   Your first painting is actually very good, and I've posted my comment in the Gallery section.


   Again, welcome and I'm happy to read that the posts here on eHangar.com is helping you. :)
16/08/2007 22:51:30
Many thanks for the warm welcome!

   Your words and comments have really encouraged me to post my pictures in the "ready room"-section, and I am looking forward to post some WIP-image of my current work (although the "progress" is actually quite slow at the moment).
17/08/2007 06:23:01