Hello E-Hanger Members

New Member greetings & introductions
I have just started to visit E-Hanger and I am amazed by the quality and breadth of the work to be found here.


   A few words about myself. Primarily I create 3D and sell 3D aircraft models. The reason I started 3D modelling was to produce aviation art, but the modelling took over. I did get a private commission to produce aviation imagry for a start up aircraft company which has re-ignited my interest in aviation art.


   I have uploaded a couple of pictures to E-Hanger but most of my art can be found on my website.


   Thing is I am a bit too close to the pictures and I am hoping to recieve feedback on what I have done, and hopefully some constructive criticism.

   I want to improve, and any help in that respect would be much appreciated.


   Best wishes - Peter Bratt

08/08/2007 07:17:04
Welcome to the site! :D


   The admin folks have done a superb job here and I hope you enjoy all the talent on here as I do. What a pool we have here!


   Please participate and feel free to chime in anytime.


08/08/2007 13:50:39
Hi Peter, welcome to eHangar.com! (spelt with an 'a', not 'e' ;) )


   I look forward to seeing more of your work. You may wish to post them in the Work Critique room for other members' feedback, but be advised, it can be brutal! ;)
08/08/2007 15:25:35
Many thanks, I'll do that - Peter
09/08/2007 08:18:50