Former Phantom and Eagle driver, currently an Air Force contractor (or more commonly known to our government types as slimy contractor). I became interested in aviation art in pilot training when I saw some pieces that I liked. When I looked at the price I thought that I could do better.


   I work (when I get the chance!) primarily in pen and ink. Mostly modern military jet aviation but also a little ship and space. I may even try Indy cars. The kids are nearing college age and so I think the time has come to see if my hobby can morph into my work, at least on a part time basis. I'm looking for a place to start marketing my stuff and so, have started here in search of 'The Path'. Suggestions and experiences, good and bad, are welcome. When I figure out the site a little more, and when I can remember where I filed the digital versions, I'll post some of my work.


   I humbly pay homage to the to the talent and dedication exhibited on this and other galleries. I am not worthy!


29/07/2007 13:45:50
Bill, :welcome aboard!


   Glad to have you with us and I trust you'll find that our artist members are happy to help with suggestions, while our collecting members may chip in with comments on your art work too :)


   If you're looking to printing and marketing your brand of aviation art, you might want to check out our Sell Aviation Art section to see if that might help you get kick-started.


   Again, welcome and I look forward to seeing your work and your participation in our community.





   PS: What does 'four's in' mean?
30/07/2007 06:53:08
Greetings Bill... welcome aboard! :)
30/07/2007 07:05:27


   'Four's in' is a call that number four would make to the flight lead after he has called for a rejoin of the formation to let the flight lead know that everyone is in position, usually just before entering the weather. Basically, 'I'm here!'


   Looks like a great place to start! I'll get on it!
30/07/2007 09:42:01


   There is not too much in the way of pen & ink work around here. You may be starting here with a monopoly. Look foward to seeing your work; welcome to ehangar.


   Do you have a website?
30/07/2007 19:46:21
As yet I have no web site. I'm still looking into the best options for that arena. There seem to be many but for now I'll camp out here and test the waters. As for the monopoly, well, a monopoly is only as good as its product and art lovers (especially aviation types) seem to be a finicky lot. But hey! It looks good on my wall! I'll get something out soon!


30/07/2007 21:47:32
Bill, you may want to check out the low-cost CafePress route as I suggested above.


   For less than $5 a month, you get a website address ( and you don't have to print and keep stocks of your art work for sale. When an order comes through for any of your art work, Cafepress prints them on demand and ships them out for you.


   You can set up a free account, upload some of your art work and order a print or two from them to inspect their print quality to see if it is to your satisfaction. If it isn't, just cancel the free account, no skin off your back ;)


   I have a number of other aviation artists signed up through the link and from their sales reports, they are generating quite good sales everyday! :)


   Let me know when you sign up, so that I can also provide a link for you in the Web Links section to your Cafepress store for some free, extra exposure :)
01/08/2007 00:59:27
Back again...


   I'm slowly getting my act together. Lots of travel and real work. I have concerns about publishing through Cafepress. It looks like a great place but I think I need more control over the print quality and it would be hard to sell limited editions or open signed editions through them.


   I've found the digital copies of some of my work, though the image quality is the best I could do with a digital camera. I'll see if it displays with these tools.




   This is a T-38 I did some time ago. The original has some minor water damage that can hopefully be fixed before printing. More as I figure out my website tools.


03/09/2007 18:34:56
Welcome to the forum, Torch. I like this piece. Great work!
04/09/2007 09:18:21
It has been a while since I last hung out here. Lots of travel and family happenings but I'm trying to get back into my drawing. Currently working on a space shuttle Atlantis number. If I could I'd make a living of it but...


   I've finally manage to get a web site put together and visitors are of course welcome. Enjoy!
25/06/2011 02:54:27