Hey guys. Another FNG here.


   I am here on a learners permit as I have been a pilot for the last 17 years and only recently have found a bit of time in my life to pursue my aviation art. My goal is to get better at it. My weakest points are composition and the likes as I am mostly self-taught.


   My favourites subjects are WW2 planes. I have a great uncle that flew Hurris and spits in WW2 for 213, 145 and 417 squadron. He did 3 years and 2 full years in the Med theatre.


   My passion is WW2 but have done some recent works for folks that are modern planes in settings that I refer to as "aircraft protraits".


   Currently I work in black ink and acrylic. I would love to learn oils as I find the richness of an oil painting to be second to none. Oil will happen eventually.




   Paul Houle
24/07/2007 23:01:42
Glad to have you on the forum. You'll find this group to be fair and honest - I enjoy chiming in from time to time though mostly I just check in to see what's up with all the great artists we have on this site. It is amazing some of the names we have here who check in. Outstanding talent and they are very nice and give great insight.

   Welcome again. Hope to see you here from time to time and good luck with your art.


24/07/2007 23:11:06

   No time like the present to try oils! I concur with your observation about them. They have a lustre that is lacking in a lot of other mediums. There are plenty of guys on this site to help you along the way, to fast track you into it. The value lies in some of the finer points in composition and execution.I was also self taught, but I often wonder how much time I might have saved with a mentor. I can feel the definitive Albert Houle MkIX coming on!




25/07/2007 02:56:46
Paul, a very warm welcome to you :)


   Do make yourself at home, ask your questions and throw in your own comments and thoughts too; we're an open bunch here, and I believe honest feedback from our many collector members here also help aviation artists improve their work.


I can feel the definitive Albert Houle MkIX coming on!


   Steve, sounds like you'll soon be retracting that post, My last Spitfire for a while.... ;)
25/07/2007 05:16:57
Thanks for the kind words guys. I hope to learn a lot here.


   SteveH,I too have been toying with a 417 spit painting or mossie painting that has been in my head for year. I have done a 417 spit vs Fw-190 painting but it was done a while back and I know that the clouds and backgroud need some work. The kicker is, I had it autographed by Bert Houle and Stockey Edwards so am very reluctant to unframe it and hit it with paint again. I will post a pic of it soon.



25/07/2007 14:42:30
SteveH, if you would like, I have a couple of tidbits of info that would apply to your current Bert Houle painting and some info that might be helpful if you chose to do another one. I would gladly PM them to you if interested.


25/07/2007 15:01:43
Thanks Paul,

   I was actually hoping you might undertake the 'definitive' Bert Houle Spit (excuse my clumsy wording) as your innagural oil painting! I think that would be fitting (not to mention commercially attractive, if you go down that path). Thanks for the offer though.




25/07/2007 22:02:31
Hehe, I am trying to build up the courage. I have a mossie painting that I have been wanting to get to for a while but a nice Spit might be a good starter for oils.




   It would be a real switch for me as right now I do a combo of brush and airbrush. Lemme think :wink:
25/07/2007 22:21:40
There are plenty of guys on this site to help you along the way, to fast track you into it.


   OK SteveH, it seems you might have given me the final little kick in the pants to jump off the cliff.


   Today I purchased a little starter oil kit. It comes with a dozen colours, some brushes and a bottle of odourless solvent. Now what??? LOL!!!
27/07/2007 18:35:36