Another new collector from the UK

New Member greetings & introductions
Hi folks,


   Another Brit Just started collecting RT prints (WW2 British bombers is my main interest) and this place looks like where all the info is.


   I'm an Ex-RAF avionics guy who worked on Chinooks, Puma and Canberras before moving on to Electronic Warfare stuff. I loved working on the aircraft, but got bored rigid doing the EW stuff so I left the RAF in 1990 (needless to say, I'd love to get hold of Canberras over Cambridgeshire and Corporate Action!)


   I'm living in Cambridgeshire and my other passion is motorcycling (working on them, riding them, talking about them, watching racing, etc). My identifier (FZ1) is the model of one of my bikes and the only reason I used it on this forum is that its easy to remember coz I use it on all the Forums I subscribe to.


   I'm looking forward to picking up some good info here and (hopfully in time) giving some back when I know what I'm talking about :grin




05/07/2007 17:23:51
Welcome to the forum Jon. You will find many that share your interests here, and we look forward to your contributions and opinions.



   CB400four F2


   Ex 230 (x3)
05/07/2007 18:12:06
:welcome to, Jon! :)


   You have certainly come to the right place. We have many collector members as well as aviation artists here, both new and veteran. First and foremost, we are all aviation enthusiasts with a love for aircraft and history.


   You are welcome to ask any question you want - the only silly question is the one you didn't ask! ;)


   How did you find us?


   Just wondering, since you've worked on aircraft before, why is it that you're starting to collect aviation art only now?


   We have another member, aviation artist Gray, who loves motorcycles and has illustrated a number of them, some alongside aircraft. He pops into the forum now and then.


   Enjoy your time here! :yo :cool4 :beer
06/07/2007 00:51:37
Welcome to the forum Jon!


   It is good to see some folks, such as yourself, who are just starting to collect aviation art joining our group. There are many here who have been at it for a while also.


   Same with our artist ranks. Several who are more established and some just launching what I hope will be exciting carrers.


   I'm looking forward to your future posts.
06/07/2007 12:51:47
Welcome FZ1


   And welcome back chasmq...thought we'd lost you there for a while (how did the Liverpool airport event go?)


   FZ1 although sold out at the publishers, Cranston art show they have a copy of Canberra's over Cambridgehire for what they call a discount price of ??200 here hopefully is a link to it


   Struggling with Corporate Action at the moment, a small LE of only 100 I believe. But if your willing to be more adventurous and not restrict yourself to Robert Taylor you'll find great Chinook prints by Stuart Brown (see my other current thread) Michael Rondot and even our own chasmq dabbles into the mysterious world of rotorcraft art :lol:


   Even better CCB have a copy of "Canberra's....." for ??175


   my search fee will be in the post to you


   Or if you want to take advantage of the cheap dollar (although the customs men will make up for that) Mike Johnson has a copyy for $220
06/07/2007 14:48:44
Hi Folks,


   Thanks for the warm welcome ..... and especially to habu for the market search service! :wink:


   How did I find eHangar? A straightforward Google for something to do with an RT print (can't remember what).


   Why have I only started collecting now? Simple one that ... disposible income!


   We've just paid off our mortgage so I'm using the spare cash to buy some prints ..... before the wife catches on to what I'm up to!! :grin


06/07/2007 15:57:52
Ooh, I've just noticed that I'm a Flight Sergeant already!


   In 11 years in the RAF I never made it past the dizzy heights of Corporal (I was great at my job, just a REALLY bad-lad away from work and always getting in the brown & smelly stuff .... normally prompted by far too much booze!)


06/07/2007 16:03:37
hi jon


   where do you buy your stuff from i live about 30 miles away from you,





06/07/2007 18:25:08
... before the wife catches on to what I'm up to!! :grin

   hehehe... they always do in the end! 8O It's usually ok if you say that the first print you bought was only to hang in the loo! :wink:


   Anyway welcome... nice to have you aboard. 8)
06/07/2007 19:19:42