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New Member greetings & introductions
Hello, I just signed up as a member and thought I??   d introduce myself. I??   m a professional illustrator based near London in the UK. Fascinated with flight all my life, I??   ve specialised in aviation-related work since gaining my PPL in 2000. You can see some examples of my work at:

   And I??   ll post some latest examples of my work once I??   ve worked out how to do it.

   All the best, Ian Bott
31/05/2007 13:14:53
Hi Ian,


   I'm very familiar with your work via my collection of 'Aeroplane Monthly' magazines, great to see you around here! :)




31/05/2007 15:26:07
Welcome to Ian and thanks for introducing yourself... very nice to have you join us here. :) 8-)
31/05/2007 15:33:45
Hi Ian,


   Welcome to eHangar! :welcome


   I've seen your work before and look forward to you sharing it with us.
31/05/2007 16:20:20
Hi Ian, a very warm welcome to you!


   I am not familiar with your work, but am glad you found us and have chosen to join us 8)


   I look forward to your participation and seeing your work here.
01/06/2007 15:55:55
I am not familiar with your work,



   Never bought a copy of Aeroplane ehangar?



01/06/2007 17:28:00
Occasionally. Is Ian's work in every issue? :wink:
01/06/2007 17:43:13
Hello again and thanks for the warm welcome. I??   m very much looking forward to contributing to the forums.

   Ehangar, in answer to your question , I??   ve been lucky enough to have at least one piece of work in each issue of ???Aeroplane??    since September 2004. The bulk of the work I do is the ???Aeroplane Explains??    series which is published every other month and is quite a large illustration examining some technical aspect of historic aviation. The range of subjects is wide and has included topics as varied as the V-1 launching system, rotary engines and steam catapults. I am even more lucky that the illustrations have accompanied articles by some extremely accomplished aviation writers. There are plenty of examples on show at my website (address below). On the alternate month when ???Explains??    isn??   t published I produce a small cockpit key drawing to accompany some lovely photographs of historic cockpits in a feature entitled ???The Office??   .

   By the way Habu, you??   ve unwittingly posted a piece of my artwork above as I also drew the masthead for the magazine (thanks for the plug by the way). Thanks again for the warm welcome and your kind comments about my work, if you have any ideas for subjects for ???Aeroplane Explains??    please let either myself or the magazine know as some of the best articles have been suggestions from readers.

   All the best, Ian
01/06/2007 20:39:13
Welcome Ian..seen a lot of your work in the magazine. I'm a frequent reader of the forums and site, don't post as much as I used to now. Look forward to seeing more
02/06/2007 05:48:12
Hey Ian,


   Good to see you here, glad you made it over :)




02/06/2007 13:13:05