BlueNoser352 Checking in from South Carolina in the USA!

New Member greetings & introductions
Found this wonderful aviation site when a friend from the UK sent me a link and its great to be here. Long time interest in the 352nd FG of the USAAF in WW II that flew out of Bodney in the UK. Just a student of WW II history, US Army veteran and father was combat veteran in the US 4th Marine Division on WW II, later retired from the USAF... so I got my love of airplanes and warbirds from him. Just collect anything related to the Eighth AF and in particular those famed " BlueNose" P-51's from the "BlueNose Bastards of Bodney". Have looked around the site and its super.... look forward to being a member of this fine aviation body and perhaps finding some more prints of those Bodney boys to add to my colleciton...but seem to be running out of walls to put them on !!!!! Do you have a forum to scan WW II photo's here ? Love nose art and A-2 jackets with nose art on them. Would be happy to scan and share some of my 352nd FG photo's I have been given over the years and some from the 339th FG...a P-51 outfit from the Eighth ! Television News photojournalist by profession and enjoy any history realted to the P-51 & D-Day and the airborne opoerations of the 82nd & 101st on June 6th 1944 ! Great to be aboard ! Native Tar Heel and UNC have great interest in the life and career of Maj George E. Preddy Jr of the 352nd FG!


    Thomas S. Colones
05/04/2007 02:56:54
Hi BlueNoser352, a big :welcome to!


   Its great to have such a passionate enthusiast aboard - in fact, a lot of us here are just nuts about aviation art - either collecting or painting it, or both! ;)


   We have a section for you to post photos of your aviation art and militaria collection. We don't have a dedicated section for photos (yet) but you could post them in the same section until we create a home for it later in the year.


   We have a number of prints in the Aviation Art Directory depicting your favourite FG, as well as a number of aviation artists, including Troy White, who are also keen fans of this group, so you're in good company. :)


   I look forward to your participation in our forums as well as seeing your collection. Again, a big welcome to you!
05/04/2007 06:04:07
Welcome Tom - did you say you had an interest in the 339th - they flew out of Fowlmere right ? -if so that would be very interesting indeed to see shots of that group ,think you have seen my painting of Marinell ,love that Red and White cowling !! Best of luck in your D Day endeavours
05/04/2007 06:57:00
Hi Bluenoser and Ron.


   Welcome. I'm a fan of the 339th too. Right now I'm in the research phase of a painting I will be doing of Steve Ananian's "Baby Mine". Mr. Ananian was the first pilot of the 339th to down a Me-262 in aerial combat. He sent me a photo of his P-51D. I haven't had a response from him lately. I hope he is doing well.


   PS. Mr. Ananian shot some movies during the war with a camera that used spare gun camera film that he saved and developed post war. He shot some unique scenes at Fowlmere and in the air that are great to view. This film is now on DVD and available from Rare Aviation and is entitled "P-51 Pilots Story" (339th Fowlmere). Mr. Ananian also gives some humorous commentary and insight at the end. It's a treasure!
05/04/2007 11:52:49
Welcome Buenoser. Glad to have you aboard. We're prctically neighbors. I'm in North Carolina. Sounds like you have a treasure trove of photos. You're in the right place if you like WWII aviation.
05/04/2007 12:04:21
Forum members:


    Thank You for the nice welcome and its a pleasure to be among fellow aviation art & warbird followers. Yes, reagarding Mr Steve Ananian , been in his home many times and he is one outstanding American. Has a great stories to tell and I will ask his permission to tell about his 1945 mission to Sweden in unmarked Mustangs.... its a good one. Yes he did indeed down on ME-262 and damaged another. I meet him by my reseach into fellow 505th pilot and 12 victory ace and now retired Lt. Col James Starnes . Who is from North Carolina and flew a P-51 named " Tar Heel". I have been researching and collecing any photo's with the name of my home state that flew in the war. Have visited with the Col over the years and had my A-2 designed after his P-51 mount ! I will check on Steve and see how he is doing. I know both he and Col Starnes are still very active in the group's newsletter which he publishes...they are not young now by any standards...but are two fine men. Will call and see how he is doing.

    Falcon012..... nice to see your close by in North Carolina.... and Lee Marvin man. My father fought in the same US Marine Division as Marvin at both Saipan and Kwajalein. Great photo you came up with regarding the 352FG. Hope to see more of your work here and thanks for the welcome men...will see about how to share my A-2 jacket collection photos here and some vintage Maj George E Preddy, Jr photo's here as well. Hope all are doing well out there in cyber land !




    Tom Colones " BlueNoser352" !

    Spartanburg, SC USA!

    Go Tar Heels !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05/04/2007 12:49:32
Hi Tom, and welcome to our humble abode ... you'll fit right in here!


   I spent a total of about 30 minutes on Fowlmere. We were driving to Duxford for the Legends show one day and I spied that hangar off the motorway. I had my Airfields of the Eighth book with me, and sure 'nuff we "had" to stop by to check it out. It's now a GA grass field.


   Turns out that the access road to the airfield/hangar was part of the peri-track of the WWII airfield. I say only "30 minutes" spent there because other than the hangar and a few buildings, all remnants of the 339 FG is gone. So, I shot some pics and we scooted for DX.


   IIRC, Tar Heel was the kite Bert Stiles was KIA in, right?


   I too am a fan of the Bodney troops. I have all the good refs, and DO have some 352nd pieces planned. Hard to get to them with a backlog of commissions, however. Speaking of refs, do you have Mark Proulx's new book/decal set on "Preddy's Mustangs"? Great, GREAT "last word" ref on George's P-51s. See/order that book here:


   BTW, I'm a native Tarheel as well. Born at Fort Bragg and lived in Fayetteville through age 10. Dad was in the Army, and we moved to Louisiana for retirement (mom and dad's home). Now in Alabama via job change of my wife. I'm full time with my art now, so I can "work anywhere". 8)


   Stay in touch.


   Post pics!!




   PS: Your name is familiar ... did you order a DVD from me? If so, thanks again! :D
05/04/2007 13:32:07


    Yes I did order the 303 dvd from you and thanks so much for the Preddy link to the book. Have know Sam Sox for years and he has given me so many great Preddy photo's over the years. Will have to add this book to my collection. Yes, thanks for the welcome Wade...would like to speak to you off the forum and here is my email adress to send me your contact number so I can call you. Thanks and its great to find this forum, its been a blast looking at the various sections of this fine forum. I do post from time to time at the FlyPast forum under the historic section. Drop me a line on your contact info at my email site!


    Thanks again !


    Tom Colones

05/04/2007 16:46:30
Hey Tom - looks like you started something here ,hopefully one day I will have another go at this 339TH P51 .Its being recreated by Maurice Hammond in Norfolk ,England (2 years from first flight ) -code will be 5Q - B , Not D as I have shown


   Certainly is exciting stuff talking about Mustangs


   Rusty , good luck in executing your 339th Painting .Mr Anian was quite the pilot shooting down an ME 262 I am in awe of these men and what they endured


05/04/2007 21:17:44


    Good to hear from you and yes I am ready to talk WW II history 24/7, been working on some research for my upcoming annual television news story with some local D-Day veterans. Got a good one about a man who was responsible for installing the radar units in the C-47's , that would carry the Normandy Pathfinders of the 82nd & 101st Airborne Divisions into battle on that fateful day of June 6th 1944. Have been to Fowlmere Station 378 on several occasions on some of my Eighth Air Force base hunting trips. Just a thrill to stand at places like Bodney, Fowlmere, Leiston, Lavenham...Deenethorpe..and many more. Long time member of the Mighty Eighth Historical Society,. So coming to the UK and finding all those old bases was a big thrill for me. Of course Duxford was among the places I have spent many happy days .. mostly during the final Oct airshow. Of course my all time favorite film is the Eighth AF classic " 12 O'Clock High" ! I will try and figure out how to scan some of my 339th FG photos given to me by Steve Ananian & Sam Sox..long time photo historian of the 352nd. Mr Ananian has a great collection of 339th photo's and flew along side Col James Starnes on many missions with the group. Love the P-51 " Tar Heel" that Starnes flew in combat with the 399th. I visited him several years ago at his home and call him now from time to time. I had an A-2 painted up with his P-51 on the back..will try and find a photo of me and Col Starnes standing side by side holding our respective A-2's. Trying to remember the name of a local Flordia artist that did several great looking art works on "Tar Heel" ????? When I speak to Steve I will tell him about this site. He is internet savey & has a great backgound in graphics and printing. Great to hear from you and love the 339th Checkerboard P-51 ! Let me see if this photo Col Starnes gave me will scan and come out here...might be making a mistake and will have to figure out how this website works in terms of scanning photo's here !


    A Salute from:

    Tom Colones



06/04/2007 02:27:00
Well...not sure what I did but it worked...lets try this photo taken in the mid 90's of Col James Starnes ( 12 victories) 339th FG and myself. I had my A-2 done in tribute to him and his 339th Fighter Group. I joked with Col Staners about the lame colors of Tar Heel and he said I knew you would have wanted to be painted up in "Carolina Tar Heel Blue"...Red & white being that NC State colors ! He thought it was the only colors they could get their hands on in the UK during the war. Hope it comes out .. a bit small and might be able to locate a bigger print later !



06/04/2007 03:09:56
Great Shots Tom of you and Col Staines - great A2's both of them


   I will definetely be doing some more 339th Artwork but first I want to do a 55th FG Painting depicting combat on the 11th Sept 44 when P51's escorted the 100th BG .I havent really done a painting with several aircraft in before but nows the time ! ,might take me several months but the end result will be worth it .


   your forhcoming TV news story sounds very interesting indeed , keep up the good work
06/04/2007 06:24:41
Hey its 2007 almost what 63 years or something like that since the pilot of " Baby Mine" took down a Me-262 in a real dogfight and damaged another one as well. I did reach Mr Ananian tonight and he is doing well , you know its not everyday that you can talk to some who shot down a Me-262 !!!!! There had been some discussion of him along with his fellow 339th FG buddy and 12 victory ace Col James Starnes ..who flew " Tar Heel". Both are doing well but sadly Steve lost one of his close buddies this past year who flew in his squardon. Tom Rich was with Steve on his first mission and his engine cut out over the North Sea on their return to England after a mission over the mainland of Europe. Steve went down and his parachute was dragging him across the cold North Sea and he told me he would have drown if not for several low level buzz jobs by Tom Rich to deflate the chute. Steve was rescued by a RAF Walrus and he later meet the pilot of that British vessel years after the war. Nice to know these national treasures are still with us. God Bless them and their fellow mates who fought the good fight for freedom !


    Tom Colones
08/04/2007 23:28:58


    Not sure of the artist but here is a nice print of Steve Ananian and his 339th "Baby Mine" after smoking down a Me-262 !


09/04/2007 01:11:10
09/04/2007 01:15:32


    Found this nice little gem by artist Jack Fellows , showing "CRIPES A' MIGHTY" in action....very nice print and looking forward to getting her framed and on the wall. I believe from the looks of this print ... he might have painted the Steve Ananian Me-262 shoot down.....


09/04/2007 12:38:22
Hi Tom,


   I hope you don't mind me offering you a belated welcome to the group. :welcome




    Not sure of the artist but here is a nice print of Steve Ananian and his 339th "Baby Mine" after smoking down a Me-262 !




   That painting was done by none other that R. G. Smith, one of the founders of the American Society of Aviation Artists (ASAA).
15/04/2007 18:44:35


    Thanks for the welcome and the name of the artist who painted "Baby Mine" taking down a Me-262 by my friend Steve Ananian. Pleasure to be here on this fine forum .



    Tom Colones

18/04/2007 02:23:54