hello from the uk

New Member greetings & introductions
hi everyone,


   ive just got some robert tayor, prints 5 off im hooked.what a great site

   the information here is 1st class !!!. look forward to getting all the great

   tips from the experts !!


   best regards


20/03/2007 17:46:47
Hello Mark, always good to see a fellow Brit here. Which part are you from?

   I'm sure the other collectors will be glad to see you, helps restore the balance :wink:
20/03/2007 18:18:02

   Well 5 Taylor prints is not a bad start to a collection, thats how most seem to start (out of interest, which ones? from your other thread are they modern jets???....has RT done 5 "modern jets"?)


   Take a look at the other artist PDMCroft and I and no doubt others will recommend. Contrary to what you may have been told already the best collections are not just prints by Robert Taylor.
20/03/2007 18:21:39
Hello Mark


   :welcome aboard!


   I'm sure you'll fit in right here among us aviation art collectors and enthusiasts :)


   DocSilverHorn is also a relatively new addition to our collector family who's been bitten by the bug; he'll be able to share with you how dangerously addictive this hobby can be ;)


   Again, welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay here!
20/03/2007 19:15:05
A big welcome Mark.
20/03/2007 22:43:26
The eagle has landed!


   Welcome to the group Mark. I'm looking forward to your interaction with the rest of us here.


21/03/2007 13:29:02