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:) First post to E-Hangar! Love the website! Full of information and intersting stories. I am creating a virtual Museum of Military Art and Aviation Art, and I would love to have input from any one that has it to offer. I would also love to have a physical museum but my dreams are always bigger than my wallet and education.

    The Internet is more affordable, and people all over the world have access to the Internet. It may take forever to add all the art that is out there, but I have about twenty good years left so I should be able to put a dent in it.

   Please vissit at The new urls will be and in the near future. I have a lot of work to do yet. I want to include prices of the art for collectors to refer to in the future as well as documented material that they gathered to accompany the art.


   Thanks for the great website, I truly enjoy reading the forums when I can.


19/03/2007 21:14:42
Hey Stuart. Good to see you here. Welcome. You'll enjoy this place.


19/03/2007 22:37:38
Welcome, Stuart! :D


   I don't know if you got my reply to your inquiry a few days ago, but yes, go ahead and use my stuff as desired for your "virtual museum".


19/03/2007 22:56:27
Welcome Stuart

   You've set yourself quite a challenge there, interesting choice of artists. It will also be interesting to see who you add along the way. I'm sure many here could add a few names. Or will you stay with your own choice?


   Competion for the ehangar Art Directory?
20/03/2007 12:36:32
Hi Stuart


   Welcome to! I'm glad you joined us.


   You've taken on a pretty ambitious task there for yourself ;)


   I took this on myself a couple of years ago when I started's Aviation Art Directory. There are currently over 2,000 prints on display there. Problem is, I am severely backlogged with another 3,000 other aviation art prints in my archives that I have not uploaded yet, and probably another few thousand out there I have yet to discover!


   Anyway, enjoy your stay here, and I look forward to your participation and input. :)
20/03/2007 19:33:25
Welcome Stuart. You have set yourself a monumental task. I too am a Tarheel. You are welcome to display my works on your site should you desire.


   Mark Karvon
21/03/2007 10:36:08
mark, i didn't realize you were here in NC. whereabouts?


21/03/2007 10:42:39
Russ, I'm in Concord.
21/03/2007 11:06:52
hey, right up the road! we're neighbors.


21/03/2007 11:11:18
Hey, I'm a Tarheel too - a native son! I was born an army brat at Fort Bragg, and lived in Fayetteville most of my first 10 years.


   Haven't been back since, tho . . . now in AL after a near-30 year stint in LA.


21/03/2007 11:16:25
Maybe one day they'll have to add "First in Aviation Art" to go with the "First in Flight" motto :D .
21/03/2007 11:29:08