Finally I made it!

New Member greetings & introductions
First a hello to all at eHangar!


   It was a long way to the forum of eHangar: Sign up, activating my account, and then try to login.... but nothing works! Wrong password? Or something else? :(

   I write to the administrator: Real good and fast help, he himself has tested... everything works well!

   Now me: Nothing at all !!! :?

   After some more mails and screen shots: May I suggest using a different web browser to log into your account!


   Bingo! :) Thanks a lot Sunny!



   I just would like to introduce myself.


   Since my childhood airplanes are my interest. Living near Zurich-Airport in Switzerland I saw all the early jet panes like the DC-8, Caravelle fly over our village.

   I developed a keen interest in airplanes of WWII and visited 1977 Great Britain at an age of 17, where I had contact with aviation art for the first time at the RAF Museum Hendon.

   In the same year, at an air show in Switzerland, I got the chance to meet some of the most famous pilots of WWII: Douglas Bader, Johnnie Johnson, Adolf Glalland, Geoffrey Page and Pierre Clostermann!

   At that time I did not really realize what a group of persons were together here !! On a side-view print of a Spitfire I got the signatures of J. Johnson, G. Page and P. Clostermann. So I owned my first signed art print.

   This was also the point, were my interest for the people behind the machines grow up very strong.


   In 1995 I started to sell aviation art on air shows. At that time only a few people in Switzerland did know of the exist of aviation art. Since then the interest was growing, but I could not offer prints or paintings of the Swiss Air Force or other Swiss related aviation art. This was the time I asked myself what to do.

   So in June 2005 I made my first oil painting, a pair of FA-18s, with no formal art training before. After finishing I sold it to my former military commander.

   This was the basis for other paintings and drawings who followed and I got the chance to hang up my art at the walls of the restaurant of the Swiss Air Force Museum at D??bendorf.


   As a weekend aviation artist I would like to achieve higher skills in my artwork and hope to get some feedback in this forum.


   I'm looking forward to take part in on the discussions and see more works of great artists here.


   Frank Schwarz
18/03/2007 22:51:11
Welcome Frank. I once knew a Swiss aviation artist who used to attend the ASAA forums - probably still does. He was an ex Swissair captain, but I can't remember his name.


19/03/2007 00:41:31
Welcome to the forum Frank. I'm glad you made it through the maze and passed the test.
19/03/2007 02:52:35
Frank, you made it!!! :yippee


   Welcome to the Forum, and thank you for sharing your aviation art journey with us. You are truly fortunate to have met such a fantastic group of legendary airmen and aces. That Spitfire profile must be priceless to you :)


   I look forward to your input and partipation on, and congrats again on getting onboard finally!
19/03/2007 04:19:27
Welcome aboard Frank. Glad to have you.
19/03/2007 04:29:44