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New Member greetings & introductions
My name is Dale MacMullin, I am a Canadian, and a new member here at eHanger. I have been aviation and military enthusiast since my childhood. I have built my share of model aircraft and tanks, I am sure, like most of you. The intrest grew with my father and relatives influences and stories they told about their service during WWII. Perhaps down the road I can share them with you too. Some of them are pretty good, and would make great subjects for painting.


   I presently work in the IT industry developing graphic materials for online education, but I love dabbling in 3D Modeling and Imagery here at home in my spare time. I also have a formal Fine Arts background in traditional printmaking & painting and received my BFA from Mount Allison University ('86), but I love working in the digital format.


   Presently, I have been working on digital based WWII RAF characters (animated puppets) - hoping I will be able to create a number of prints down the road of RAF Social & Squadron life during the Battle of Britain and through out the war.


   Bye for Now,

   Dale MacMullin
17/03/2007 15:06:42
Hi Dale and a warm :welcome to you!


   Glad you found us and chose to to be a member of our friendly little community here.


   Your area of interest - digital 3D RAF characters - is very interesting and unique. I guess your avatar gives me a taste of what it is but I look forward to seeing more in the near future :)


   Again, a big welcome to and enjoy your time here!
17/03/2007 15:24:58
Thanks eHanger,


   For you, and everyone's interest - I have posted a link to a quick rendered image of a RAF Pilot Officer wearing his Pattern 36 Tunic and P36 Flight Boots I have created. Hope you enjoy

17/03/2007 16:09:31
A big welcome Dale. I like your 3D work. I'm also a Canuck, Vancouver Island.
19/03/2007 02:50:52
Hi Gray,


    It's nice to meet you and thank you for the nice comment. :)

    I live in Fredericton, New Brunswick.
19/03/2007 10:53:23