hello from a new member

New Member greetings & introductions
Hi all

   Just making my 1st post.

   In a tradition on what I've seen here, I've been "lurking" for some time, as a guest and have decided to take the plunge and register.

   Maybe in a small way to re-dress the declining collectors that post here (hopefully more are lurking).

   I look forward to contributing, to trawl and resurect old posts and maybe to be so bold as raise new ones.

   And make friends with like minded people.

   Needless to say from my handle the SR71 may feature in some.

   habu 972 :)
11/03/2007 22:53:29
Hi habu972, a big :welcome to eHangar.com!


   Nice to have another collector onboard. Yes, you are right, I am certain there are lots more 'lurkers' here than posters, but they occasionally, like you, finally take the plunge and make themselves and their views known.


   So jump right in, and have fun! 8-)
11/03/2007 23:47:43
Hi habu,


   Welcome to eHangar! Glad that you decided to come out of the closet. Looking forward to your posts.


   Did you get your moniker from SR-71 61-7972 that set the New York to London speed record or 64-17972 that currently resides at the Udvar-Hazy Center in Washington, D.C.? Cool either way!


12/03/2007 10:29:43
thanks ehangar and blacksheep for the welcome.


   Blacksheep I can see I'm with like minded people already 8-)

   Hope I've not broken any rules but my moniker is a cut down of Ronald Wongs excellent "Blackbird at war" I see he's a "featured" artist, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind an extra plug here would he?


   Here's a link to where you could by yourself a copy :wink:




12/03/2007 14:40:09
Greetings habu... nice to have you aboard. :)
12/03/2007 21:34:16
A big welcome habu.
19/03/2007 02:46:45