Wade Meyers at work!

Aviation Jokes
Okay, time for a little humor at the expense of chicoartist.


   Let's just call this a roast...


   This video shows Wade doing a little perspective projection by descriptive geometry for an upcoming P-40 piece (and some other things he likes to fit into the routine)...




   ...and here he taxies into the local Subway for a sandwich (a little duplication here, sorry)...




   ...and then gives an inspirational speech to people sitting on the fence about joining eHangar, while waiting for the paint to dry on his current project...






   Wade, please forgive me, for I know not what I do! :oops:
07/03/2007 16:43:57
That's hilarious!


   Since my studio, at times, feels about as big as a P-40 cockpit, that clip of JB struggling with the chart looks very familiar indeed!




07/03/2007 22:27:51