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Well I'll be ...


   A fairly casual Google search, this time using ???H A Fenton RAF??? , brought me to your site. Then I found that one ot your Moderators posesses many items of memorabilia which ???Jimmy??    Fenton had collected over the years - you see, my Mother was Jimmy??   s elder sister Iris and I had been led to believe that all Jimmy??   s papers and other bits and pieces had, in all likelyhood been chucked out. Now I find there had been a gigantic lack of communication and all Jimmy??   s stuff is in safe hands - I??   m delighted Stormchaser.


   My main interest over the past few years has been genealogical but strictly as it relates to my four grandparents families. I have most of my mothers notes and letters on the Fenton??   s (Jimmy was also researching) and have now built op a pedigree of Jimmy??   s mother??   s family which I have put on CD and which goes back to 1020 with any real degree of accuracy. My Frith side is said to go back to to 1533 when the ancestor, then aged 33 had a fatal encounter with a fire whilst he was tied to a stake in Smithfield. Unfortunately, like the Fentons, there is a gap of a generation or two which makes the whole exercise one based on hearsay therefore only of use as bedtime stories to grandchildren.


   As I said, my main interest as far as eHanger is concerned is in aviation generally, for example a few years ago I lived in Sale where the RAAF have a base at East Sale and where I formed a close association with the Base personnel - the highlight to me was when I was asked, as a civilian, to take the salute at a passing out parade. (I also chaired the West Sale Aerodrome management Committee for a few years)


   What now? Fire this off, then wait and see what eventuates as I reflect on the fact that I arrived in this country 60 years ago this month and my parents arrived to stay, 2 years later. Cheers.
05/03/2007 04:43:22
Welcome Jimmie,

   I hope you find something of interest here. My experience is that there are few things aviation related that some member won't be able to write a tome on....




05/03/2007 08:18:00
Welcome, Jimmie, glad you find us.


   Like Steve said, I hope you find something useful and interesting on to keep you coming back. We're a friendly lot, but a bit blinkered when it comes to our passion, which is, of course, aviation art! ;)
05/03/2007 08:42:37
Hi Jimmie


   Well I'll be blowed too! Drop me a PM... I'm Jimmy Fenton's nephew. Many of his wartime bits and pieces he gave to me as a young boy (which ignited a life long interest in aviation). I knew him intimately all my life as he was married to my father's sister. :)


   This internet never ceases to amaze me!
05/03/2007 18:20:06