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New Member greetings & introductions
Hello folks,


   I'm just posting here to say hello and introduce myself.


   I'm currently an amateur painter with no formal art training at all but interested in achieving a better standard in my work.

   Previously I have concentrated on Automobile related subjects although I do have (and always have had) an admiration for the aviation artists and their superb ability to render light and colour.


   I hope to stick around and perhaps pick up some tips from the guys on here that show some amazing talent, who knows I may even try a couple of aviation paintings myself just to test the reaction! :)


   Being self taught I am always conscious that there is perhaps a better/easier way of achieving light effects than the home grown techniques I currently employ so I'm keen to hear any advice regarding choice of palettes, colour mixing, do's and don'ts etc.


   My favorite Av. artists? ... Well it's hard to say, but without prejudice to any I don't mention I'll say Simon Attack for the colours he puts into his work, James Deitz and Gil Cohen for the sheer amount of attention to detail that results in a true 'snapshot' of history, Marc Postlethwaite? for his refreshing depictions of events often from the German military viewpoint, and of course Robert Taylor who I have admired since he was newly 'discovered' many years ago.


   With the new generation of digital artists that I see posting here, Aviation art is still an exciting and rewarding discipline in whatever the chosen medium.
08/02/2007 22:24:03
Big welcome to the forum Old Nail. I'm looking forward to seeing other art you've done.


   Cheers, Gray.
09/02/2007 00:50:48
Welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy your stay.
09/02/2007 09:36:01
Welcome! :)


09/02/2007 09:40:43