Rework of a P47 painting.

Work-In-Progress (WIP) Room

Here is a painting that I  have done early 21. It  is a small project, meaning for me that I didn   t work too much ahead and basically paint straight on the easel.                                
Even if I liked the final result, I was still unhappy with something that I was not able to touch on.        

I  finally pointed that the dark clouds were somehow attracting too much the attention and competing in values with the aircraft. Moreover, I found some small glitches on the aircraft rendition to be fixed as well. With the year   s end break, with nothing on the easel, I decided to adjust it.

The original    La Fayette nous voil      finished in 21.  




02/01/2022 17:28:37
16/01/2022 11:23:14

And the same one, after working the clouds area and the repositioning of the wing   s roundels.

the values of the clouds is there but it still needs some shaping.  
what do you think ?  

03/01/2022 07:41:58
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Here's the rework completed. Not sure that I'm fully happy with it yet but I call it done.  

16/01/2022 11:24:18

Very nice, Vincent! The orange backdrop is very unusual though, but like you mentioned, it is more complimentary to the overall image than the darker grey.

01/02/2023 11:34:35