2 big and 2 heavy P-47 WIP

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Digital photoshop drawing for reference    


The current progress of the oil painting


Here's a painting I've been chipping away at around other projects for about a year or so. It features the P-47-N flown by John Brumer. Simply titled "2 Big And Too Heavy". Hoping to have this one done spring of 2022.

25/12/2021 12:27:27

Wow, Kevin, I hadn't realised anyone was posting in the forum recently, and am very pleasantly surprised to read this new post by you! I've missed all our WIP posts in here, so a belated big "Thank you" for getting the ball rolling again!  

01/01/2022 20:24:28

Hi Kweb, nice to see you back at the easel. That   ll be an interesting topic to follow, the photoshop study is already very interesting and could be called aviation art as per the standard today.  
I like the dynamic that you have put with the chosen angle. they seems indeed heavy and having hard time leaving the ground. That is very promising.  
keep up the good work !

02/01/2022 08:32:32

Hi Kevin, any updates for us in here? ?

05/09/2022 19:17:28