Greeting ehangar,


My name is Alan (Ki432b). I only learned of aviation art a few years ago.


I’ve been a pilot (private, instrument rated) for 30 years, have a couple thousand hours and have volunteered/worked with warbird groups in MA, TX, MI, WA, and CA. I have dual logbook time in a variety of a/c including the TBM Avenger, Skyraider, T-28, Stearman, Tiger Moth, AT6 and others including other biplanes. 


Around 2015 a friend’s sister’s husband passed away and he had some of RT1/NT prints that—because of my aviation background—ended up in my possession. So I have been reading your site for a couple years and learning a ton from Fuzzy, Simon, and all the rest of the group. 


If I can noodle out how to take a decent photo I’ll try to post a couple of my framed pieces. Because I have worked with warbird restoration groups I have excess pieces of several WWII Axis types and have, or am planning to have, them mounted with a print of the same a/c.




PS: if anyone wants to see some pics from Oshkosh I can try to post a link.

09/09/2018 22:00:15

Hi Alan

Nice to hear from you (finally) after lurking on for "a couple years" ;)

To upload images, just click on the Upload Image link in the editing box toolbar menu.

I look forward to your sharing of your aviation art collection and Oshkosh photos.

10/09/2018 03:14:19
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