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Hi MiG15, glad to see you made it into the new eHangar v3.0 after the initial hiccups! :)

You know, I was just thinking last week about a book I read many years ago titled "The Shepherd" which describes a similar scene, but instead of a Lancaster, it was a deHavilland Vampire, flying at night and lost, until the Mossie appeared to guide him home. What a coincidence.

What I like about Simon's print especially are the waves; you can just imagine them crashing over the rocks making the huge splashes and sprays. Brrr....!

22/07/2018 10:52:14

I picked this up from Simon and Helen a few weeks ago when I was in the UK for a break. At the framers





Following a night assault on Hamburg in the summer of 1943 this badly crippled 12 Sqn. Lancaster
B-”Boomerang” (named by her Australian skipper with the motif “ The Boomerang Always Comes
Back!”), was saved from a JU88 nightfighter attack by a lone Mosquito that should never have been
there! Seen by all aboard the stricken bomber in the rise of the dawn sun, the Mosquito nightfighter
stayed in silent escort with them as the skipper struggled to keep the Lancaster flying low over the
north sea and reached the coast at Flamborough Head N. Yorkshire in the early light and sea fog.
Just as they reached the shoreline, the Mosquito just vanished into the mists and was never seen
After crash landing in fields near RAF Wickenby the Lancaster’s surviving crew tried to find and
contact the Mosquito’s base unit to thank the crew who had saved them. Fruitless enquiries finally
lead to one conclusive answer.
“Impossible. No Mosquito was recorded as flying anywhere near enough to your position to have
intervened and the Mosquito you claim to have seen was posted ‘Missing Believed Lost’ along with
her crew a year before”.

22/07/2018 11:52:58