Howdy all y'all from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas!

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Because "y'all" is used in addressing only one of y'all and we use "all y'all" when addressin' all of y'all.


   Now that we got some of that there vernacular out of the way.......


   My name is JP Santiago and I've been lurking on this forum for sometime now admiring everyone's work and learning that some of my own neuroses regarding my own work are quite "normal" for artists. I have been illustrating digitally now for about six years primarily for my own consumption and for the members of a forum I run for collectors of small scale commercial jetliner models (1/144 scale, 1/200 scale, 1/400 scale and smaller).


   I have always had a lifelong obsession about aviation history and I have spent the past five years sharing that enthusiasm with the members of my small forum community. In recent years I have gotten more and more requests from friends for prints of my digital art and now my wife has been most supportive of me spending more time (and money) developing my skills as an illustrator.


   I have seen the work of some of the members of this site on websites, magazines, and in my books. I am humbled by the caliber of artist that is found at this site!


   I am in the process of assembling an online portfolio of my work and only have a temporary placeholder in place as a good friend helps me get it up and running.


   My two main areas of interest are commercial aviation and the what-if? side of aviation- those aircraft that never made it off the drawing board or were built and never entered service. This is one I did for my forum community about two years ago:


   I have long been a fan of Braniff International as growing up in the Midwest it was always my family's preferred airline to fly. A friend had come across some promotional artwork done by McDonnell Douglas showing the DC-10 in Braniff's 1965 Alexander Girard livery (nicknamed the "Jellybean" livery) and it started a long discussion about how the DC-10 might have looked in Braniff's colors.


   This is something I did for a website in the unbuilt designs category:


   This is the Hawker P.1216 that was developed by BAe Kingston in the 1980s as supersonic VSTOL fighter to replace the Harrier. I have a whole series of these that honestly make lousy prints but look great on a website that deal with a alternate history had the RAF and FAA put the P.1216 into production. Perhaps one of these days I'll clean it up and bring it up to a standard good enough for a print as it's one of my favorite unbuilt designs.


   Well I appreciate all y'all sitting through this long-winded post to get this far into it! I'm glad to have found this site via ARC's Aviation Art section.
17/01/2007 04:34:15
Welcome to the forum Sentinel. I like your what-if profiles. It will be nice to see some airliners too. I've always had a week spot for them. I look forward to seeing more of your work.
17/01/2007 04:50:19
Welcome to the forum, Sentinel! Great to see your artwork and look forward to seeing a lot more.
17/01/2007 10:04:30
Hi SentinelChicken, :welcome


   I'm looking forward to seeing your aviation art and website up.


   Enjoy the site and interaction! :)
17/01/2007 17:48:07
Big welcome sentinelchicken. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your great work.
17/01/2007 21:07:24